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Attention Please Movie Review: Into the mind of a disturbed writer

Attention Please Movie Review: A Film’s backbone is its script and without a great script, no magic can happen. With this already aware but sometimes forgotten spirit, a new Malayalam Movie has been released on Netflix titled “Attention Please” that stars Vishnu Govindhan, Sreejith, Jodin Paul, Anand Manmadhan, Jicky Paul & Athira Kallingal, and these 6 people are the only actors you’ll see in the whole film.

Sounds interesting, no? The story is about a struggling writer who lives with 4 flat-mates. One night over drinks, he starts to narrate stories written by him and what follows later is what makes this film a great watch.

It all starts normally, with friendly teases and a reality check for the writer Hari as he does not have any income with which he can chip in for the rent and other expenses without being solely independent on Jithin, his childhood friend.

While narrating darkly unsettling stories that his friends start to ridicule saying that they are rip-offs, Hari loses his cool and ends up stabbing Jithin and letting him die. What follows later is pure madness that Hari imparts as he seems to have lost his patience with people and what he kept suppressed or controlled himself, he has set loose.

The film is another dark remembrance of Casteism that happens all around in India. The division of people and the partiality that lower caste people have to undergo, has been shown from the eyes of Hari played by Vishnu Govindhan as he delivers a very worthy performance onscreen. With the addition of gruesome and dark stories that Hari narrates, they are the mirrors of the mentality of his psyche that he pens.

Final Verdict: 3/5

All in all, the film is a good psychological thriller with some fabulous acting and deserves a watch!


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