Taaza Khabar Review: Bhuvan Bam, The Youtube Content King is now coming on the OTT platform, is the first Hotstar original web series Taaza Khabar is now available to watch on Youtube, There are a total of 6 episodes of the show, and here goes the review of the show.

The web series stars Bhuvan Bam, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Nitya Mathur, Devan Bhojani, JD Charoborty, and Shilpa Shukla in the main lead roles, The show is not suitable for family audiences and all 6 episodes are available to watch on Hotstar in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and other dubbed version.

The show is about the Story of Vasya aka Vasant who works at a Public Toilet and his family is having a pretty bad life, One day he helps a woman and there she gave her bangles to her, From that day, something starts happening in the life of Vasya, He gets the news of everything before happening and from here his life changes, how he will change his life and what will be the consequences of it? To know this you need to watch the full show on Hotstar.

The biggest issue with the show is its Story and execution, You are delivering content on Hotstar which is one of the biggest and you come up with a story like this which looks silly and funny at the same time, it looks like I am watching the story from some 90s, there is a sequence where Vasya goes to buy a car and that was so poorly written that it will make you laugh with its Cringe level, The episode 1 of the show was amazing and it looks natural but after that, the show looks like Just another Youtube video.

Coming to the Performances, Bhuvan was Pretty Amazing in the first few episodes but in the later half he loses his charm and it was Pretty average for him, Shriya was brilliant throughout the show and she looks Mature and confident, Devan Bhojani, JD Charoborty, and Shilpa Shukla were also good in their respective roles.

The music and the BGM of the show are Great, The BGM Top Notch, and that one Rap song in the series and Thrilling and was great to listen to, The locations were good too and they give the real Bomby Vibe, The VFX of the show was average.

I am going with 2 Out 5 stars for the show, The story lacks logic in too many places and the show looks like the upgraded version of Shakala Ka Boom Boom, The script is Amature and the same is the Bhuvan performance, and the ending of the show is also Predictable, If you are diehard Bhuvan fan then you may watch the series, Otherwise Skip this show.

Rating: 2/5



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