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Revenger (2023) Anime Episode 1 Review, Recap & Explained

Revenger Anime Episode 1 Recap & Explained: The first episode of a new Japanese anime series named Revenger is now streaming on Crunchyroll. It follows the story of a master assassin who is investigating the murder of Satsuma, the great samurai.


In this episode titled “Once upon a time in Nagasaki,” we see three men searching for someone, but on the way, they find one samurai, and they try to stop him, but he kills everyone. Later, we see a man come and take a locket, and the opening credits start.

Following that, we discover that the man he murdered was actually his father-in-law, and we see him living beneath the bridge, where we see a man who is ashamed of his sins and wishes to deceive them. Later, we see some men coming from horses and trying to kill him, but with the help of the girl’s voice, he manages to escape and jump into a river.

Later, we find out that the girl is actually the sister of the man who told him about his sins. And then they plan to kill the man who hired them for the death of his wife’s father and complete their revenge.

Ending Explained

The following scene takes place in Nagasaki, where we find these men. They plan to kill them one by one, but with the help of the Samurai, he is able to kill all of them, And after completing his revenge, he moves fast to meet his wife, where he finds that Yui committed suicide with a knife, and he feels guilt over everything. The episode ends.

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I’ll be interested to see what happens after watching episode 1 because I enjoy the background music. Let me know how much you enjoyed episode 1 of Revenge in the comments section.



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