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Tomo Chan Is A Girl Anime Episode 1 Recap, Summary, Explained

Tomo Chan Is A Girl Anime Episode 1: Episode 1 of the much-awaited Anime show Tomo Chan Is A Girl is now available to watch on the OTTs, the reactions to the first episodes are Mixed from the audiences and here I am going to give you a Recap, Summary and Explanation of Episode 1 of the show.

Tomo Aizawa aka Tomo-Chan, a tomboy, confesses her love to her childhood friend Kubota Junichirō aka Juno, but Juno takes it as a male best friend confessing his love to his friend, so he didn’t take it seriously, Tomo-Chan and Juno are childhood friends and they’re also neighbours. Juno thinks of Tomo-Chan as a male best friend rather than a girl best friend. When they were going to school, Juno slapped their bum of Tomo and it made her very angry, so she gave him a punch.


Tomo-Chan is very good at martial arts. Her father teaches her martial arts. Tomo-Chan talks to her friend Misuzu, about why Juno thinks of her as a male friend. Misuzu answered that she was always like that, she was very manly from her childhood, that’s why Juno thinks of him as a male best friend who asks Misuzu to help her, and nothing works. Juno doesn’t like Misuzu, The three were best friend from childhood, but Misuzu always leave them when they’re in some big problem, that’s why Juno doesn’t like her.

It was raining in school, and Juno and Misuzu didn’t have umbrellas, so they were waiting for Tomo, while waiting for Misuzu talked to Juno and asks him, what will he do if Tomo got a boyfriend. Juno didn’t answer her question and pushed her outside.

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Tomo-Chan came and said that she will take Misuzu with her, but Misuzu wants Jun and Tomo to go alone. doesn’t want to go alone with Juno. Juno and Tomo are now under the umbrella and going home. Juno asks Tom to come closer, but Tomo avoids him saying that she was practising, so she is smelling very bad, Juno starts smelling her and that makes it a little bit awkward, so she runs from him.


Juno follows her and asks why she’s doing this, he runs away from her, Tomo-Chan is now practising karate in the boy’s room because she was very strong and no one can beat her, so she changed her place from the girl’s to a boy’s.

Tomo-Chan is now practising with Kosuke Misaki, captain of boy’s karate. Tomo-Chan beats her in the Karate match, Kosuke likes Tomo-Chan very much, so he gives a compliment to Tomo and Tomo asks him, what’s good about her?” Kosuke said that she was beautiful in how she was and didn’t need to change herself. Outside Boy’s karate club two girls are waiting for him but they see Tomo-Chan with Kosuke and that’s made them angry.

Misuzu again talks to her about how Tomo-Chan befriended a male friend from the Karate club and Juno didn’t say anything.

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The two girls go and start threatening Tomo, but Tomo threatens them. talks about these incidents with Misuzu, Misuzu says that she should talk to them in a verbal way. Tomo-Chan talks to them and gets to know that they want her to stay away from Kosuke, but Tomo thinks that they want love advice from Her. She becomes very happy that she’s now seen as a girl.



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