Sweet ending, Gus finally finds Jepperd. What happened next? As we are going to discuss Episodes-wise recaps, let’s find out the recap of episode 6. In the backstory, Singh and Rani went to Edna’s house. In this scene, Aditya shows the Ganesha Idol to Rani, who was very happy to see it.

Suddenly, they find a bat in the house. In the past, they were a very happy couple. Now, in the present story, she sees three mini planes over the sky while standing in front of the Ganesha Idol.

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Aimee is talking with General Abbot and mocks him. After that, the “Air Lords” send lots of purple flowers from the sky, causing a chemical attack. Abbot instructs Johnny to go and take Dr. Singh safely. During a phase 2 attack, they throw some appliances named Junk Bombs, and during this, Becky and Jordan appear. Becky, Jordan, and Tiger leave from there, and suddenly Jordan tries to kill Tiger because she is from the Animal Army. Becky helps Tiger escape from the city, and she tells Jordan that she is trying to escape with her hybrid friend before leaving.

Jepperd is in the cage, and Gus has a key. Gus says that he won’t leave without his friends. Others are still trapped, but they suddenly find a rope. Maya, the monkey girl, uses that rope and tries to help everyone get out. Wendy goes to look for Gus, while everybody successfully climbs up except for one person, and guards come there. But surprisingly, Gus and Jepperd make a heroic entry. There is a clash between Hulk and Jepperd, and on the other side, everybody successfully climbs up.

Dr. Singh is still looking for the antidote. Johnny tries to help him and Rani to get out. Johnny helps Rani and Singh to leave, and Rani invites him, but he leaves and helps them as a hero. General Abbot comes with a rocket launcher, and they attack one plane. They hit the second one as well.

Tiger and Becky are now together because they both want to go to the same place. Tiger apologizes to Becky for all previous matters. Tiger finds out that it’s not only about Gus; Becky wants to do this because she is looking for her sister Wendy. Aimee comes into the laboratory looking for Wendy. Later, she sets fire to the whole laboratory and leaves. Looking for Gus, Aimee finally comes to the middle room and finds Mommy, aka Aimee. Everybody meets with Jepperd, and they escape.

They successfully get outside the Preserve. When Aditya Singh and Rani try to escape, Aditya suddenly finds a short part of Gus’s antler. It looks like Aditya becomes mad for the antidotes. When he comes back, he finds that the whole laboratory is destroyed. Rani leaves him but leaves the Ganesha Idol.

Finally, when the kids are on a bus, Wendy and Aimee appear. Everybody is now together on the bus, and they escape, passing by General Abbott. In the end, one of the men of the “Air Lords” finds Bobby. Unfortunately, the episode ends with Aimee, and we see a small finger of hers vibrating. Yes, she is now affected by the virus.

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Ending: This is how beautifully episode 6 ends. Everything is in its place now. General Abbot is successfully defeated by Aimee, Jepperd, and all the Hybrid kids. Unfortunately, it ends with a very bad sign; Aimee is now virus-affected. Let’s move to the next episode to know what happens next.



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