“Air lords are ready to attack, will they succeed? As we are doing episode-wise recaps, let’s find out the recap of Episode 5. It started with the backstory of Jepperd, where he was attacking the Hybrids for his child and wife as he tried to find them by working with them. Let’s go back to the present.

Jepperd is in a car, but unfortunately, it stops working. After that, Jepperd remembers a past incident where he was talking with a guy named Ash. Jepperd asks him about his family, and Ash gives him a bag with the dead body of his child.

Jepperd goes in front of the gate and starts a flare, which amazes all the guards. When all the militants reach there, Jepperd makes an announcement for a trade. He informs them that an attack is going to happen in the zoo. Instead of this, Jepperd demands Gus. Suddenly, Bobby appears from the ground, and after seeing Jepperd, he says, “Big Man.” This makes Jepperd think more, but unfortunately, Bobby is captured.

This makes Jepperd suddenly change his mode, and he helps Bobby to get out of this place by sacrificing himself. Gus is taken by General Abbot, who is amazed by Gus’s talking ability. Abbot talks to him face to face, and he also informs people that they are finding hybrids for the vaccine. Later, he tortures the little boy, cutting down one of Gus’s antlers. When Gus is totally broken, Wendy gives him hope.

After that, all the hybrid children plan to leave this place. Later, those little children trick a guy who was there to give them food. They successfully attack him and catch him. Later, everyone runs out of their cage and locks it. But for Teddy the tortoise girl, they are caught again. But Gus sacrifices himself.”

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Surprisingly, what Singh had discovered previously is not working anymore. Something must have happened. Singh got frustrated. Upon seeing him, Rani said she wanted to give up her life. Rani also said that if Singh told Abbot that he didn’t find the cure, a mass would be created, and Rani and Singh could escape. Abbot made all the preparations for this meeting.

Finally, Singh met with three men: Ms. Zhang (or Helen), Dutch, and Voss. Abbot invited them to discuss the idea of “Evergreen”. He invited Singh for the presentation. Singh said this virus erased 99% of humanity. He later added that he didn’t have any cure for it. But Abbot stopped him and began to discuss the “Evergreen” project, a huge place for healthy families to live happily. In this project, Ms. Zhang could use her agricultural skills in this post-crumble world. Dutch would provide fresh water from the river next to Evergreen, while Voss would produce a solar plant for electricity. This is how Evergreen would shine.

During this interview, Gus came up between everyone. Ms. Zhang wanted to hear Gus’s emotional speech, which made her think more. Lastly, he added, “Sick is your enemy, not us,” meaning hybrids are entirely safe. The General ordered to keep him silent. Johnny helped him escape.

After the Evergreen project discussion failed, Abbot reached out to Ms. Zhang to talk with her and said he would give her more space. But Ms. Zhang demanded the whole “Evergreen” place. After that, they killed Voss and Dutch.

Becky and Jordan tried to find the hybrid, but unfortunately, there were none. Instead, she found Tiger, who was her best friend in season 1 in the Animal Army. Becky said she was going to Soo because Tiger was also planning to go there.

On the other side, Dr. Singh had changed somehow, and he ordered guards to take his wife out of the lab. Johnny informed General Abbott that all hybrids had escaped, but General Abbott already knew it was Johnny who helped them escape, mainly Gus. When Gus was unable to leave the Preserve, he went to an unknown place and finally found Jepperd. An emotional ending for Jepperd and Gus happened after lots of drama, and they were finally together.

On the other side, Becky reached the Preserve. Suddenly, the Preserve was attacked by “Air Lords” and Aimee.

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Ending: Finally, Jepperd and Gus are together now, but it seems like the other kids are still in the Preserve. Will they escape? And what about the attack of “Air Lords”? Again, this episode ended with lots of queries. The series is getting more interesting. Let’s find out the next episode.



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