The Rain Season 3 Ending Explained: Netflix’s hit show The Rain came with it’s the third season which was also the final season of the show. The show has been one of the most anticipated ones in the international market and fans are loving the show. The show’s plot is around an apocalyptic world where a rain which contains a highly contagious virus has wiped out almost all of the population in Denmark.

People were sent to quarantine zones and bunkers to be safe. It is revealed that the virus is man-made and the company behind it is Apollon. The final season solves all the mystery around the show and also leaves us emotional at the end. Let’s talk about the ending of the show.


Season 3 starts off where season 2 ended with Simone and Rasmus against each other due to different ideologies. Simone, Martin, Kira, Fie, Patrick, and Jean start their journey again, this time leaving Sarah because they think she is dead. They decide to go to the wall as Simone and Fie don’t have nanoparticles in their body and thus can help the people in need. Rasmus on the other hand works with Apollon and tries to figure out how to transfer the virus into humans without killing them.

The Ending

We see how close Simone and Rasmus used to be and how much they have been through together, but now they have parted ways due to different ideologies and thus are almost against each other. With Rasmus spending around three months in the Apollon and getting manipulated by Sten into believing that the virus can help the people by giving them a sickness free life. Rasmus who always wanted to protect the people from this virus agrees and thinks that people will not be afraid of him anymore if they are cured. But he is resentful at the same time because his sister for whom he truly cares is not by her side anymore.

Simone after learning the ideas that are in Rasmus’s mind decides to separate ties with him as she thinks that the virus has taken control over him. And that Rasmus and virus have become the same person and thus the only way is to get rid of Rasmus once and for all . Rasmus too believes that Simone is no longer her sister he used to know and thus after Martin’s death he too decides that She should be killed .

A fight breaks out between the siblings with Rasmus having the upper hand and Simone almost getting crushed but then suddenly Rasmus sees and notices the plant. Simone tells him that the plant feeds on the virus and releases the cure in the environment. Seeing this Rasmus gets an idea where he thinks of sacrificing himself as he is the purest form of Virus available and after consuming his body the plant can release the cure in a large amount thus saving the people, which he always wanted to do – to save the people. He does that and is joined by Sarah and both sacrifice themselves for the world.

At the end of the process, there is an explosion which seemingly kills all the infected person. Simone sees that the explosion and the amount of pure virus in the bodies of Rasmus and Sarah is enough for the plant to create enough cure for the world. She also sees that the plant is feeding on the dead bodies of both.

What does this mean for the World?

In the final scene, we see that Simone and others go back into the world. They see that the virus has slowed down and thus nature is getting back into the happening. This certainly means that the explosion has worked to a certain extent but how big its impact is, is still unknown. Earlier people thought that Virus only remains in the zone and the walls were thus made to contain the virus and escaping the zone will make them safe .

But after going into the outer world Simone realizes that the virus has made its footing here too and has affected several lives. The cure too might take some time to get into action. There is a chance that the scientists outside the zone will figure out that the cure resides in the zone and thus will come looking for it and synthesize the extract to commercialize it for the betterment of the society and humanity.

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