Song Of The Bandits Episode 2: Episode 1 of Song of Bandits was fun and everyone liked the episode. Although the Episode was around 1 Hour long, Still it was fun and full of thrill. Here we are going to cover the recap and ending of Episode 2 of the show.

Episode 2 of the show starts with the introduction of new bandits in Lee Yoon’s group. Here, we see that they destroy and kill the entire army unit in the blink of an eye. We encountered some sharpshooters and many more. Let’s discuss them one by one.

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The first member is Kang San Gun, who possesses immense shooting ability and belongs to the Tiger Group of Joseon. Then we meet another person named Choraeng-Yi – Yi, who used to work in a circus. He is very fast and can eliminate anyone in the blink of an eye. Another formidable member of the team is Geumsu, who is brutal, large, and lethal.

The team of five attacks the army base camp and completely destroys it. In another scene, we see that Major Gwang Li proposes to a girl named Hee-Shin. The scene then shifts back to Lee Yoon, and we see them collecting guns from the army camp. Amidst all this, we notice that Kang San Gun is having some issues with his palm. When Lee Yoon inquires about it, he says it’s nothing. We also learn that Lee Yoon has feelings for Hee-Shin.

The story then shifts to a city where we see Hee Shin waiting for someone in a restaurant. Major Gwang Li arrives and asks Hee Shin to leave as they are going to apprehend a rebel, a member of the Independence Army. As Hee Shin leaves the restaurant, she spots the Independence Army member entering and subtly hints that it’s a trap. The Independence Army member tries to flee but gets caught by the Major’s men.

Soon after, we discover that Shin Hee is a member of the Independence Army Gang, and the gang needs 2 lakh Euros for a mission. Hee Shin tells her Independence Army leader that she will arrange the money in a few days by looting a truck belonging to the bank. We are introduced to a new character here, a girl named Eon Nyeoni.

Eon also hails from Joseon and works solely for money, willing to do anything for it. We witness her skills as she handles and eliminates more than 50 gunmen all by herself. The Independence Army hires this girl to loot the money they need to survive.

On the other hand, we also learn that the bandits are facing a shortage of food and guns. Consequently, they make a plan to loot the money. Here comes the biggest twist: both the Independence Army and the Bandits Gang want to steal the same money from the same person and at the same venue. Episode 2 concludes with this revelation.

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The show is becoming more intriguing, as in Episode 3, we anticipate a showdown between the Independence Army and the Bandits Gang. Eon is also going to meet Lee Yoon, and the reaction promises to be shocking.

This concludes the recap of Episode 2 of “Song Of The Bandits.” What are your thoughts on the show? Please share your opinions in the comments.



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