The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 1: The much-loved anime series is back with its 4th installment, and the show is available with 4 episodes as of now. The episode are available in English Subtitles (Esubs) too. Here, we’re going to give you a recap of all episodes on our website, so do check it out.

Episode 1 starts with Froggy 2 doing some exercises, while Wang is doing the Way of Heaven programming on his laptop. His program checker, Tian, checked the code, and it was successful.

One guy came to him with a magical light, but he believed that it wouldn’t work. The next day, he goes to his elite class in the morning, and the teacher said, “As of now, Wang will teach you students.” All the students were excited to learn swordsmanship. The coach taught them there are 3000 ways of the Way to Heaven, and all the students were getting confused about what’s going on.

The coach taught them with real magic, and the way he was teaching them was amazing. Students loved it, but Wang was busy in his own thoughts. He thought he could do better than that.

Every student got a task to show their ability. If any of their abilities were weak, they would lose that thing. The next in line was Wang. He went there, and everyone was amazed after seeing the capabilities and abilities of Wang. However, he messed up because he was overpowered.

The coach asked him, “Who are you?” After those visuals, everyone fainted. Wang was a real sword master. Some old master was thinking, “Who did this?” He was going to Wang because he didn’t have enough time, and Episode 1 ends.

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