Shrinking Episodes 1, 2 Recap: APPLETV+’s New Original Series titled “Shrinking” has dropped its first two Episodes with an average runtime of 35 minutes. Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in the titular roles.

The sitcom tells us the story of Dr. Jimmy Laird who lost his wife a year ago and is currently grieving, and how his attitude toward life right now begins him to breach ethical barriers and come up with different ways to help his patients. Created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, if you’re interested in what happened in the first two Episodes, here’s the summary

Shrinking Episode 1-2 Recap & Summary

Jimmy has been grieving his dead wife for more than a year and that has distanced him from his daughter Alice who feels like the neighbor’s kid to him these days as she spends a lot of time going to school, taking to soccer practice, and even dinner with the neighbor lady.

Jimmy has not been paying attention to his daughter and that has created distance between them. On the other hand, he has been growing less patient with the patients at work, and there comes a time when he loses it because he knows what they are doing wrong and he just simply tells one of his patients threatening her to find another therapist if she didn’t do what he asked her to and that works.

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Jimmy’s co-workers include Gaby and his boss Paul who are very supportive of Jimmy, even when Jimmy calls Paul first thing in the morning for advice. Jimmy gets a new patient as a favor to Gabby who has been sent to mandatory therapy by the court because of his violent behavior and is an army veteran.

The two go off to a rocky start when Sean, the new patient asks to leave as soon as the session starts after seeing how incompetent Jimmy is. However, Jimmy with his new approach takes Sean to an MMA Club where he asks them to spar with Sean and that somehow works. Sean has a lot of anger and violence inside him and the little situations trigger Jimmy found a way for him to take it out so they can start the healing after.

However, Sean comes across this one guy who bumps him on purpose but he doesn’t do anything and calls Jimmy right away to talk and Jimmy celebrates that as a victory. Sean gets to know that it is Jimmy’s daughter Alice’s soccer match today and he needs to be there so the two go there an ex-boyfriend of the woman who Jimmy asked to break up with comes to him during the soccer match and beats Jimmy up and in response, Sean beats him up which sends Sean into jail for the night.

Jimmy bails him out but doesn’t tell his boss Paul about this since his different approach doesn’t sit well with Paul and he didn’t want to be run on the thin ice he’s barely walking on. Paul eventually gets to know about that from his talks with Alice after school where she tells him that Jimmy has been trying to make up for the lost time and even asked her for dinner together.

Paul tells Alice to give him a chance. On the other hand, the guy Sean beat up presses charges against him and that gets Jimmy to talk to his best friend who is a lawyer and also whom he hasn’t talked to in over a year. His friend, Brian helps Sean to avoid the charges and also invites Jimmy to basketball but he says no to which he storms inside his ongoing session and tells him that he deserves better.

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Towards the end of the Episode, Alice brings dinner for her and Jimmy but Jimmy ends up going to the basketball with Brian. Alice doesn’t exactly say that she brought dinner for them and instead says that it’s for her and Liz but then goes to Paul’s and the two talks while watching a game.

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