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Poker Face Episode 1: Recap, Summary & Ending Exlained

Poker Face Episode 1: Poker Face, the new Peacock Drama created by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne has just debuted on the streaming service. It is a “case of the week” mystery comedy-drama and consists of 10 Episodes out of which 4 have aired in the first week.

If you’re interested in what happened in the first episode, here’s the recap of it.

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At the Frost Casino, one of the housekeeping staff Natalie sees something in the presidential suite that she shouldn’t have and takes a picture of it to show to her boss. However, that person Mr. Caine whose laptop’s picture Natalie has taken is a very important person to the casino, a whale if you will, and to protect that, Sterling the new manager of the casino gets her and her husband killed by Cliff, the head of security that works at the Casino after deleting the picture from her phone and making it seem like the husband killed her and then killed himself.

Enters, Charlie played by Natasha Lyonne is Natalie’s friend and supports her when Natalie’s husband turns abusive towards her. However, Charlie has a rare gift she is a human lie detector and can know when someone’s lying and is right 100% of the time. The only problem is, she doesn’t know what the other person is lying about.

In her twenties, Charlie had made quite a name for herself when she used to go to the poker games where her talent came in handy until Mr. Frost, father of Sterling, the manager of the casino found out her tell and then got her blackballed from entering into any poker game in the country and offered her a job as a cocktail waitress.

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Now, Sterling has a business proposition for her where he wants her to play against the whales that come to play at the casino as he finds out that the big shots that are flying in, comping everything off so they would spend more at the casino have been spending less and running private games at casino’s property.

Sterling wants Charlie to observe Caine in a poker game with their inside man in it as well and tell him whenever Caine is bluffing so they could milk him dry and take his money.

However, during this whole operation, Charlie finds out that her friend has been killed and she figures out that something is fishy right from the start there are a lot of red flags, like Natalie’s husband kept his gun on his right leg so this means that he’s a lefty but when he was holding the gun in his right hand when he was found and the security footage confirmed Charlie’s guess and she ends up confronting both, Sterling and Cliff about it.

Now, as Sterling starts to threaten Charlie, she tells him that she was recording their conversation about milking Caine dry and has also sent that recording to him. Both Sterling and Caine go to his suite and find everything empty.

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Furthermore, Charlie tells him that their whole casino has been blackballed and no one would come there to play anymore. In response to that, Sterling jumps from the window killing himself and Cliff goes after Charlie but she escapes with a bullet wound.

In the end of the Episode, Charlie gets a call from Sterling’s father and he threatens to kill her and she soon goes on the run.


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