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‘School of Lies’ Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained | Hotstar

‘School of Lies’ Episode 2: The much-awaited Hotstar original show ‘School of Lies’ on now streaming on Hotstar with 8 Episodes. We have already covered the Episode 1 Recap and ending of the show and here goes the Recap and ending for the episode of the show.

The second episode of the show starts with the police arriving at the school and questioning Shakti’s mother. She reveals that Shakti’s father has no interest in him or their child.

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Shakti’s mom, Trisha, asks Murli, who was Shakti’s best friend, about him, but he says he doesn’t have any clue. On the other hand, we see Vikram and his friends collecting money to sneak out of the hostel, and that money is also missing. They inform the police and the headmaster about it.

The House Captains hold a local search in the hostel room and find some restricted items. Meanwhile, Nandita talks with Murli, and he tells her that Shakti always talks about a word called “Essel Home.” Nandita investigates the issue and tries to find some connection between seniors and Shakti. We also see the school’s gardener blackmailing Vikram and demanding two lakh rupees in three days.

Vikram shares this with Tapan, also known as TK, and they both contemplate how to get rid of all this. Just before the ending of the episode, we catch a small appearance of Shakti, who is in some kind of trouble with his local friend. As I mentioned, they seem to be on a mission or something.



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