Justified City Primeval Ending Explained: FX original presents an eight-episode American crime drama series titled “Justified: City Primeval” from the “Justified” franchise. All episodes are currently streaming in English on Disney+Hotstar.

In this article, we will provide an episode-wise recap of this series, but before doing so, let’s gain an understanding of the story. In the popular show “Justified,” we are introduced to a US Marshal named Raylan Givens. “City Primeval” is set after Raylan is sent to Detroit city for a new journey.

Previously, Albanian Boss Toma captured Clement. Raylan is also with them, and they are moving towards the final showdown.

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The series picks up where it left off in previous episodes. Toma reaches a warehouse along with Raylan and Clement. Carolyn makes a deal with the Albanian people. They capture Clement and lock him in the same basement where Clement had previously severed Skender’s leg. That’s the deal with Toma. Later, the Marshal leaves from there. It appears that Toma will not kill him, but will he keep his promise? Later, Toma hands over Judge Guy’s book and the murder weapon to Raylan.

Later, Raylan and his team meet with Maureen, whose name is listed in Judge Alvin Guy’s payout book. They begin interrogating her due to their suspicions. Raylan and Bryl confront Maureen, as she had betrayed RAYLAN earlier. Clement is alone in that room. The room is completely soundproof, so Clement tries his best, but nobody can hear any sound. Will he survive or not? Let’s find out in the next episode.

In Lansing, Michigan, we see Carolyn talking with Adriane. There, she discusses her life in Detroit. It seems Carolyn is prepared to become a Judge. On the other side, as things are already wrapping up, Raylan is ready to return home. However, something continues to haunt him. So, he goes to that basement and discovers something unsettling there.

Let’s go back two hours earlier to learn what happened in that basement where Clement was captured. In a City hospital where Skender is inside, he becomes frustrated and meets with Toma because he wants Clement dead. As Toma made a deal with Carolyn, Skender goes alone. Despite having a fractured leg, he goes to the basement and opens it. Upon opening it, he finds that Clement isn’t inside, but he was there. Clement attacks him and kills him brutally.

Justified City Primeval Episode 2
Justified City Primeval

Upon witnessing this, Raylan calls Carolyn to be cautious. He also alerts Bryl to be more vigilant because Clement is on the move. On the other side, Toma realizes that Skender went alone to kill Clement. However, Toma is unaware that Skender is already dead at Clement’s hands. Clement goes to the Albanian club and ruthlessly kills everyone. His madness is unbelievable, as he also kills Toma and takes all the money from there.

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Meanwhile, Raylan goes to Carolyn’s house, but she isn’t there as she’s gone outside. Raylan waits alone in her house, and Clement shows up. A humorous face-off and interaction between them make this episode captivating. However, it comes to an end when Raylan shoots Clement. Just then, Carolyn arrives and calls the “Wayne County Morgue” to retrieve Clement.

Six weeks later, in Miami, Florida, Marshal Raylan succeeds in his work and receives appreciation from many people. He meets Dan, his old friend. Dan senses that something has changed within Raylan, and indeed, Raylan has quit his job. Later, we see Raylan as a devoted family man. He receives a package sent by Carolyn. She is now a respected judge and is living a happy life. Towards the end, we also catch a glimpse of Winona Hawkins, who is the mother of Willa and the ex-wife of Raylan.

So, Raylan retires from the Marshal service and enjoys his retirement with his daughter. Carolyn is now a judge. In a Kentucky prison, we see Boyd Crowder, a prisoner and also a motivator and instructor. It’s his last day in prison. A gentle reminder is that Boyd is from the old “Justified City” series.

His wife Charlene helps him break free from jail. As Boyd returns, Raylan also receives a message from the Marshal’s office. It seems his retirement won’t come to an end, and a new season will be coming soon.



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