Sayen Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Sayen movie is now available to stream on Prime Video in the Spanish language with English Subtitles, in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie starts with Sayen who is returning home after being away for 6 years, she is excited to meet her grandmother Ilwen after so long, in the evening she attends a ritual with other community members, then we came to know that her father is brutally murdered by the authorities.

Recap & Summary

And then she started taking feedback from the other members that how it is going here and how they are living, soon this discussion turned into an argument, they started saying that social media is useless and so on, then her grandmother came in between and the discussion came up with no decision. The next morning her grandmother tells her about winks, who are their enemies and have taken all of their resources.

Later that day a few people came to her house, proposing a deal to give her money in return for her acres of land so they can build a project there, but IIwen rejects their offer and said that they are been trying to take their land for centuries.

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When Antonio and his team are returning Sayen quietly followed them, and she heard their evil plan of exploiting the land one of them sees her and started following she somehow ran from there, goes back to her house, and tells her grandmother about their plan.

When IIwen tries to stop them, Antonio shot her dead, Sayen somehow manages to escape from there, and now Antonio has to find her before she tells other community members.
Now Sayen has the motive to take revenge on her grandmother, she revised the combat training she has learned from her father, meanwhile, Antonio working with local authorities tells the community that Sayen Killed her grandmother and ran away, Now Antonio’s father Maximo Torres also started searching for her to save his company.

The Ending

Antonio finally founds her and started following her in a boat, later she is able to kill Antonio by fighting her physically, she takes this as revenge for her father’s and grandmother’s death, she also successfully escaped from the police by jumping into a river who is following her by helicopter.

Meanwhile, Maximo still trying to convince people that she is a terrorist to save the land for their company. On the other hand, Sayen manages to escape from the authorities and changed her appearance by going blad, And the movie ends.

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I hope there will be a sequel for this movie, as the story is not complete yet so we have to wait for its sequel now.



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