Sayen Movie Review: The latest Action Drama is now streaming on Prime in the Spanish Language with English Subtitles, directed by Alexander Witt the main cast includes Rallen Montenegro, Enrique Arce, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.3 hours written by Carla Stagno and the movie is rated for a mature audience only.

The story revolves around a girl Sayen who returned home after 6 years to meet her grandmother, later some bad guys killed her grandmother now Sayen by using her training and knowledge of nature given by her father who also gets brutally murdered by these people, goes to take revenge from them, will she be able to succeed in her mission to know this you can stream this movie now available on Prime Video.

We have seen movies like this earlier, whose story revolves around a company that wants to take the land from tribes living there for centuries and to build their projects to exploit the land, so the movie feels like little predictable and like a watched storyline.

The cast performance is also very average as you will not feel any emotional attachment to them, the action scenes are also very average not looks like well-Choreographed, however, the location used in the movie is very good and some locations can amaze you the only positive part of the movie are the locations in which the movie is filmed.

Overall the movie is very average we have seen stories like this many times earlier and presented in a very good way, this movie has nothing new to offer to the audience and the performance by the cast is also not so good, so you can skip this movie.

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However, if you want a visual treat you can watch this movie as the location is so good and the camera work done, did justice to the locations used for shooting the movie. The background music is also very average.

Rating: 1.5/5

This is all about the film review and rating, and aside from that, let me know how much you like this film in the comment box, where this film is now streaming on Prime Video.



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