Rough Diamonds Season 1 : “Flemish series Rough Diamonds picks up its pace in the last two episodes. A lot of things happen in the last two episodes. Rough Diamonds stars Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez, Marie Vinck, Dudu Fisher, and Els Dottermans in titular roles. Here is the summary and the ending explained for Rough Diamonds.

Smets is adamant about finding the Albanian mob and giving them to the law. She makes Eli wear a hidden camera and enter into the bank where all the illegal money laundering transactions take place. She makes him take a picture of transactions in the book. Later, Eli informs her that he can’t be a witness to this and can’t turn into a traitor to his own family.

Smets raids Wolfson’s office on the day of Eli’s daughter’s wedding. The suppliers stop their supply due to the police raid to Wolfson. Later, both parties agree to come to a settlement, which Smets disagrees with.

Left with no other option, Noah hatches a plan. He teams up with Matthias’ men and breaks into Marie’s office at night. They both drill the vault and steal the diamonds. Guillaume and Noah have a fight over diamonds, and Noah pushes Guillaume down, leaving him bloodied. Later, to make Smets agree to sign off the settlement, he asks her to meet him. In return for signing off the settlement, he offers Smets the exact location of where the stolen diamonds are. Smets disagrees with his deal and says she has Benny, who would be an eyewitness to all the crimes.

Adina and Noah shed light on Benny’s personal life and blackmail him that if he doesn’t call the prosecutor and back off with the deal, they would tell his son’s father-in-law about their son’s matter. As Benny steps down, Smets is left with no other option but to accept what Noah is offering. She signs the settlement and goes to the location where Noah said the diamonds would be.

Unfortunately, the Albanians have already moved the diamonds, and now Smets asks Noah to let her know the location of the diamonds and arrests him. He goes to Matthias and asks for the new location of the diamonds. Matthias’ men hit Noah and tell him he would get his cut of diamonds only when they want to.

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As Noah begins to start his new life with Gila and doesn’t want to go to jail, he gives Smets Kerra’s location where the diamonds were as he transported a cut of diamonds to London. The series ends with police arresting Kerra and Matthias while Noah and Tommy are seen attending a prayer in the church.”



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