Rough Diamonds Review: “Rough Diamonds” is a Flemish-language original series that premiered on Netflix on April 21, 2023. A family learns about the shocking truths of their estate after the death of one of their family members.

Series Overview: The Wolfson family runs a diamond company in Antwerp. A sudden death in the family shocks the Wolfsons and raises questions about their loyalty toward each other and how they will handle their business affairs when things are handed to them. This is the main crux of the story. To know more, you need to dive into the series, which is streaming on Netflix. For a non-spoiler review, read this article.

Positives: The series is set against the backdrop of Belgium, in Antwerp. If we were to discuss the positive aspects of the show, we could say that the performances of the cast are the saving grace of the show. The father-son relationship established between Tommy and Noah is interesting to watch. The director succeeds in establishing the conflicts between the relationships. The creators also succeed in delivering a short yet vital message that greed always kills success and poisons one’s soul.

Negatives: “Rough Diamonds” could have been wrapped up within five episodes of half an hour each, to be frank. The series is unnecessarily long, and boring, and tests the audience’s patience. One needs to have basic knowledge of the Jewish community and the religious words they use to understand some parts of the series, as it is a Belgian series.

The series picks up pace in the last two episodes, where the creators cut to the chase with no nonsense added, solely focusing on the main part of the story. However, one gets almost exhausted until they reach the climax of the series. There is an almost monotonous cat-and-mouse chase between the good and bad in every episode, which makes viewers bored.

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Thoughts on the climax: The best part of the series was its climax. The show obviously ends on a cliffhanger, like other Netflix shows, opening the gates to Season 2, but we still don’t know if the show will be renewed for Season 2 or not.

Rating: 5/10



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