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Rough Diamonds Episode 1: Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

Rough Diamonds Episode 1: Rough Diamonds is a Flemish original series that premiered on Netflix on 21st April 2023. The series is about a family grieving the death of someone very close to them, and the secrets that unravel layer by layer as many hidden truths come out one by one. Here we are going to tell you about the episode-wise recap and here Goes the episode 1 recap of the show.

The series starts with a person named Yanki chanting a prayer. He wakes up from his bed, takes an access card, and goes to the Wolfson Diamonds company office. After entering the office, he quietly enters a room and starts screaming while a guard enters the room, worried about what has happened. Yanki snatches the gun from him and puts it to his head and pulls the trigger.

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The Wolfson family is devastated by the news of Yanki’s suicide. They were not even allowed to bury Yanki during his funeral because the people living around there do not want him to be buried around them, as they believe Yanki is a sinner for committing suicide.

Noah, Yanki’s brother, takes a flight from London to Belgium to attend his late brother’s funeral. Here we come to know that Noah has left the family long back because his dad didn’t let him do what he wanted. After the funeral of Yanki, it is revealed that Yanki used to gamble a lot and indeed had many debts to pay, and that’s the reason he ended up taking his life.

The people to whom Yanki owes money attack members of the Wolfson family. Noah goes to meet Gila (Yanki’s wife) that night, and we sense some kind of tension between them, which might be revealed in further episodes.

Noah, with the help of his friend Sammy, finds out who is behind the attacks and goes to a car washing shop and meets the manager Bruno. He warns him that they don’t owe him anything and wants him to stay away from his family.

Bruno then reveals that Yanki asked for help from his brother Eli, but he didn’t help him, which leads to a fight between the two brothers. Noah tells the whole family that they need to save Gila and her children’s lives and that they need to take care of Yanki’s debt. Adina says that banks are not giving diamond companies loans anymore, so they are helpless now.

Noah sees a diamond watch lying on the table, picks it up, and barges into Bruno’s garage with his men. He beats Bruno badly and cuts a deal with him by giving the watch to him and says that now they are even. Later, Noah tells Gila that he is returning back to London and asks if he can still stay in touch with her, to which Gila refuses.

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Before Noah leaves, Adina tells him that Yanki began bargaining with a diamond trader in Dubai because of his gambling and debts. Noah sits in the car to leave for the Brussels station when the cab driver asks if he is a Wolfson. There is a slight emotional pain in Noah’s eyes, and the episode ends with Noah getting out of the cab, and Tommy receiving a phone call from his grandma Kerry.



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