Romantic Killer Season 2 Release Date: Nowadays Anime Shows Are Getting Greater Response From Audiences In This Trend Netflix Also Brought Their Original Show Which Is Titled At Romantic Killer Available On Netflix With 12 Episodes In Japanese And English Languages With English Subtitles.

This Show Is Performing well On Netflix Audiences are craving for more We’re here to keep you covered about That Too.

Now We’re Going to tell you whether Season 2 Romantic Killer Will Come Or Not?

So The Answer Is Yes After Seeing this Much Response Netflix and its makers are planning To renew this show with one more season, More Adventure And More Excitement Are You excited for the next Season?

As per the reports makers will start working soon On the next season You can expect the new season By The 2nd quarter of the year 2024. Renewal news is coming very soon on the official Social Media Handles On Netflix.

Stay Tuned For More!!



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    • Ansh pls be patient it has just been released for a month abd you’re expecting the for season 6 learn to wait you know animation isnt just picking a pen and draw an episode takes months to make well if you want it to be quick i guess you’ll n3ed to accept a shitier one

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