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Family Reunion Season 6 Release Date | Netflix | Renewed Or Cancelled?

Family Reunion Season 6 Release Date: Family Reunion Is Back On Netflix On 27th October 2022 With 10 Episodes Show is Available To Watch On Netflix In the English Language With English Subtitles This Show Received a great response In Every Season This Sitcom Is Loved By so many Audiences

Now We’re going to tell you about Season 6 will come or not.

So The Answer Is No, As Per Our Reports Makers claim That Season 5 Is The Last Season For Family Reunions and They’re Not Going to continue With Family Reunion Anymore.

But If Renewal Happens For This Sitcom Then You Can Expect A New Season By the Year 2024 The Chances Are Very Low For Season 6. still hoping For The Best Renewal to happen Renewal News Will Come In The First Quarter Of 2023 And Show In 2nd quarter Of 2024. Let’s see What Happens Next?

The Cast Of The Show Is Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, Talia Jackson, and Isaiah Russell-Bailey in the main lead roles, The show will also star Cameron J. Wright, Jordyn Raya James, And Loretta Devine In Lead Roles.



  1. I want to see season 6 so bad I’m crying right now please make a season 6 please please don’t take family reunion away please please

  2. I’ve got addicted to this show. It really brings a family together and having family helping you take care of your kids. I really wish they could make a season 6, 7, and an 8. It is a really good show.

    • Family reunion is my go to show. It is what brings me comfort and makes me happy. Some of the things on the show I can relate to. And the show is full of family love. Please continue the show. I beg! 🥺

  3. I love this show so much that I watched the 4 seasons of it 3 times while I’m waiting on part 5 to release. I would like to see more of The McKellans family especially M’Dear , Moz, Cocoa and their amazing kids. Hoping Netflix will renew it for Part 6 for the 2.5 million viewers. The best family show ever⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. i love thus show. i just finished season 5 it was probably one of the best seasons. Sad to see shaka leave but hopefully he’ll be back in season 6. tyson and the kids were amazing


  5. This is a great family show and cast. This show hits on relevant topics and there is so much more content and laughter you guys have yet to tap into. Season 6 I’m still holding out hope for but I am not disappointed in Season 5 it really delivered. I kind of figured it was the end as I noticed the Thank you messages started to be a reflection of the main cast thoughts. GREAT show! Thank you!


  7. Please take in our comments make as many series of FR as possible..the show is amazing you won’t regret it. Lots of people love this show. We really need more

  8. Fammily Reunion is not just a great comedy series because its funny. It also teaches the importance of having family close to you and how Africian American suffered in America from the 19’s to now. I have always enjoyed watching this show and ever since I in online school I have more time to seee the series again and agian. AS of yesterday I finished the final season and I have told myself that the series just can’t be over yet there is still much to add. Will Jade and Elvis ever start to dat, will Skaka come back from boarding school, will he get along with Tyson, how will the McKellans live with their lifestyle of Moz getting a job in Atlanta, I want to see a new season of Family reunion because to me it feels just like veryone is a real family and have lived with each other. This show is my favorite show and I always watch it when I have time. I also sometimes call my grandmother M’dear and she says if I countine to call her that then she will woop my behind in the name of Jeusus. THis show is really great and I would hate for it to end without these questions being answered. I don’t think a few more seasons would hurt, but at least have one or two more and at least have ending that doesn’t make people start to ask themselves what will happen next in the Mckellans life. Please bring Family Reunion back for a final season.

  9. I would honestly love to see a Season 6, literally crying for the last season, please bring back Family Reunion, it literally the best thing Netflix has ever brought to the show, it’s my favorite and its life learning lessons and this show just makes everything better at a times. Please give us more of this series, no regrets about it just sad that it ended.

  10. PLEASE MAKE PART 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DYING TO SEE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Find the show wholesome dealing with real life issues in a constructive and entertaining way. Wiring chemistry of cast is superb, there are no emerging egos which makes for a beautiful ensemble. Not sure what ratings are, but if ads are properly placed, the audience yet to appreciate this modern classic, will be delighted and join in resonant voice to those who have already enjoyed this tremendous production.

  12. There is finally a show that I can sit down and ACTUALLY enjoy and LOVE!! Please don’t cancel this show…WE THE PEOPLE WANT MORE!!! Please


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