Reina Roja (The Red Queen) Episode 6: Adapted from a novel series named “The Red Queen”, Prime Video presents their seven episodic investigations crime thriller Spanish series “Red Queen” also known as “Reina Roja”. Some murder and kidnapping events occur in rich-profile families. The government runs their secret organisation named “Red Queen” to catch criminals which the normal police couldn’t do.

Antonia Scott an intelligent girl with Jon Gutierrez a local police try to catch the criminal as a team for the organisation which makes Antonia’s son in trouble. Antonia Scott is a girl with the highest IQ and can analyse crime scenes and has very knowledge to find the criminals in her way.

The last episode was unexpected where a boy was kidnapped by Sandra. Apparently, he is Jorge son of Antonia Scott. Carla sees hallucinations of her dad being in front of her. Then she hears a boy’s sound through the wall. She asks him if he is a kid, he says his name is Jorge and he needs to see his mother. Jon Gutierrez enters the car, when he starts to drive he hears news from the radio that there was a shootout at St. Barbara British School by an unidentified woman.

On the news, it’s saying that only one kid is kidnapped and he is British Ambassador’s grandson which is Jorge. The Ambassador comes to see Antonia Scott at the hospital, he is with the police to capture her. Antonia Scott runs from there but the police catch her. While taking her in a car, Jon Gutierrez drives his car and hits the car Antonia Scott was in. Antonia Scott got injured in the head, but Jon Gutierrez tells her to run and save Jorge and Carla from the killers.

Antonia Scott runs over the street while police following her, she gets into a shop and changes her clothes. She hides in the trial room, takes her phone and calls Mentor. Apparently, he unblocked her. He tells for the sake of the boy he unblocked her again for 15 minutes. She needs to find the boy and Carla before that. Police find her at the shop and she runs again. Other side Jon Gutierrez was taken to a hospital and got arrested too. Antonia Scott gets call from Fajardo.

Antonia Scott tells him to give the phone to Sandra. She says she knows about Sandra being alive and she is the daughter of Fajardo. Antonia Scott requests to leave Jorge but Sandra says she can decide whether she needs to release Carla or Jorge. Sandra says if Antonia Scott doesn’t decide Jorge will get killed in 30hrs which is the same duration given to Carla. Sandra and Fajardo have a quarrel on hurting the child. Fajardo says how happy they get on hurting a child. He hates this again, but Sandra manipulates his mind again to do it.

Antonia Scott’s father meets Jon Gutierrez at the hospital, he asks about Antonia Scott to Jon Gutierrez. But Jon Gutierrez didn’t reveal where is Antonia Scott and avoided her father as he didn’t like his daughter. Carla and Jorge have talk, Carla asks what he sees there in his room. He describes their wigs and makeup things, and also add he got beaten by the lady.

While Sandra is not there, Carla gives an idea to Jorge. She told him to say Dad multiple times so that the good part of Fajardo would create confusion for him. Jorge calls Dad word many times loudly. Fajardo comes and tells him to shut up and warns Carla about speaking of his daughter.

Antonia Scott went to her friend and told her to do surgery on her. She somehow fixes her face, and Antonia Scott sleeps there that day. Before going out, her friend modifies Antonia Scott’s looks so that the police can’t identify her. Antonia Scott visits the other tattoo guy, she asks about where could the hiding place of Fajardo. The guy shows an underground map they know in Madrid and says maybe he could be there. Also he adds that Sandra may not be his daughter, they met in an asylum.

We see a flashback of Sandra meeting Fajardo in an asylum. Sandra tells him that she is his daughter. Antonia Scott comes to Jon Gutierrez’s house and tells his mother that she counts on her to get Jon Gutierrez out of there. The episode ends with Fajardo giving an ointment for Carla’s foot’s swelling. As Carla thanks him he says no need for thanks and it is decided that her death will be sooner.

Overall the episode was really engaging and thrilling. There are many unexpected things that happened in this episode. It was a really interesting episode. Many things happened in the episode and some mysteries also got revealed. will see how the final episode gonna end considering the current scenario.

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