Re/member Japanese Ending Explained: “Re/Member,” Netflix’s latest Japanese horror film, is based on the popular manga “Karada Sagashi,” which is illustrated by Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase, while this film is written by Harumi Doki and follows the story of a group of high school teenagers who become trapped in a loop.

In this article, I will provide a proper ending explanation for this film, which is now streaming on Netflix in English and Japanese. Additionally, this film’s story appears to be unique, as seen in this film, and this article contains full spoilers as I attempt to explain the ending of this film.


As the story progresses, we see that these teenagers realize something is wrong with them and devise a plan to stop it. We see Shota obtain the blueprint model of the school, where they began marking the locations where they had already searched for and planned to collect the body parts.

Later, we see that they find all of the body parts except the head, and we already know that the missing girl is Miko, so they continue their search for her doll, but when they try to touch it, it disappears, and they fear and flee the house, believing that the doll is some kind of ghost.

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We see that during the night, the doll merges with Miko’s ghost, and they create a monster that eats Rie, only to discover that Rie does not exist in the morning. After that, Auska finds that the doll is somehow connected to Miko’s head; they find out that the head of the doll is heavier than the body, and then they find out that they have to fight with the doll, aka monster.

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Whereas they plan to trap the monster at night, when they see that the monster is more powerful than them and is about to kill all of them, they succeed in trapping it, where Takahiro saws the head and the head falls off of the doll, where Asuka takes the head and tries to place the head with the rest of the body, but the monster is not dead yet. Takashiro tries to fight and is killed, and then Auska is the only one alive and tries to fight.

At last, we see that Asuka takes the head and merges it with the body, and places it in the coffin; then, the scene shifts to the morning, where she wakes up and finds that she broke the loop, and all of them have forgotten all about the loop; on the news, we see that they find the dead body of Miko, and the film ends.

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This is all about the ending explanation of this film; I hope you get your full answer, whereas at last they succeeded in their roles, and now they are happy to hear that you let me know in the comment box how much you like this film.



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