Raktanchal Review: A few weeks back when Mx Player announces their new web series, I thought it would be another blockbuster in the list like Mastram, Bhaukal, or Ek Thi Begum, but this time, Creators disappoints me, here we are going to review the Mx Player original Raktanchal.

The series a Just another crime Drama which is very long and boring, You are surely not going to enjoy the series, The series is Bland, Tedious and Uninteresting, all those 30 mins episodes looks like 30 hours, as the stretched too much for making it a 9 episodes series, here goes the full review of the series.

Mx Player’s Raktanchal Review

  • Name Of The Series – Raktanchal
  • Season – 1
  • No. Of Episodes – 9
  • Release Date – 28th May 2020
  • Rating – 2.8/5
  • Platform: Mx Player
  • Recommended – No


I was expecting much more from the story, The story is about two gangsters and their fights in Up and Bihar in the Mid 80s, The story revolves around 2 characters Wasim and Vijay Singh, Vijay Singh wants to crack UPSC but his father was killed by goons of Wasim and to revenge, this Vijay decided to become a gangster, isn’t is a very very old and bland story, the whole 9 episodes series revolves around this and nothing else, we had already seen some great crime thrillers like Mirzapur and Bhaukal and this one is not even comparable with them.

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The story is quite repetitive and not interesting, You can guess the story, there are lots of fights between the goons of both the gangsters and in the end both of them faceoff with each other, there are some bold scenes which are not needed, creators have to understand that, You need some good story too, only Abusive Languages, bold scenes, and Gangster story are not going to win the heart of Indian Audiences. The new audiences are much more matured and they are expecting some really great content.



The performances by the actors are decent and few are not up to the Mark, Nikitin Dheer Playing as Wasim and Kranti Prakash Jha playing as Vijay Singh impresses you a little bit, all other actors like Soundrya Sharma as Roli, Ronjini Charoborty as Seema and Vikram Kochar is sanki is just above average, there is nothing to show by the expression, the series is full of fights and unneeded abusive languages.

Screenplay and Editing


The story was quite predictable and there is not much work as Screenplay, the editing of the film is very poor, the 30 mins episodes looks like 3 hours and they need to be edited and cut to 10-15 minutes, a few days back we saw the Netflix’s original Betaal, which was only four episodes long and it was very interesting and catching, creators really need to think of it now, there is no need to to make 9 episodes, even 3-4 episodes series, with proper direction, story and acting can be a blockbuster.



We are going to 2.5 out of 5 for this series, and advice you to not watch this, the story is very long and extremely predictable, it is waste of time, still, you are in lockdown and have nothing to binge, you can watch the series on your own risk. There are also a few chances of season 2, but we don’t think, they are going to renew it.

So this was our Review of Mx Player Original’s review Raktanchal, What are your opinions about the series please let us know in the comment section, for more updates on web series and digital contents like this, You can follow our blog and social media


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