Betaal Review Netflix: It looks like streaming platforms have better plans for us than the government for this lockdown, they are releasing back to back web series and original movies, a few days back Amazon Prime Video released their new blockbuster series Paatal Lok and now Netflix Comes with Betaal produced by King Khan.

Betaal is a horror series based on Zombies, Starring some great actors like Vineet Kumar, Ahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai, Jatin Goswami, and many more the series is created by Patrick Graham, who is known for creating Netflix Originals Ghoul and Leila.

Here we are going to review the Netflix original series, Betaal, for those who don’t want to read the whole review, there is Just one word for this Betaal is Stunner, Its a masterpiece.

Netflix’s Betaal Review

  • Name of The Series – Betaal
  • Release Date – 24th May 2020
  • Platform – Netflix
  • Episodes – 4
  • Duration – 40-50 Minutes
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Recommended? – Yes


The story revolves around a tribal area in Chattisgarh, the government wants to make a highway there that goes through a tunnel, the tribes from that area protested against them contractors and the contractors called the “BAAZ Squad ” it consists of  Vikram Sirohi ( Played by Vineet Kumar), Ahluwalia ( Played and Ahana Kumra) and two others, they come to the tribal village they demolished their houses and shelters, then they move towards the tunnel to open it, and the real story begins from here, when the workers Enter into the tunnel, the came back dead, they were attacked by the Zombies in the tunnel, the Baaz squad team moves back from there and decided to hide in the old house, the two tribes Punia and her husband is already there, they told them the background story that long ago British colonel Lindokh was buried there with his whole army and now they turned into zombies by gaining black powers.

The tribes have encircled the house with a spiritual line, that can’t be crossed by those zombies, all of sudden, it starts raining and the line got washed, Zombies attack the house, there is a girl called sanvi, the story is all about saving her as the Lindlokh wants to offer the girl to his god to get his power back. Vikram and his team try to save the girl and stories keep on moving with turns and twists.



All the actors from the series were superb from Vineet Kumar Playing as Vikram Sirohi, Suchitra Pillai player as head commandant and Ahana Kumra as Ahluwalia, all were superb, the character of Sanvi played by Syna Anand is also awesome, everyone from the cast did the brilliant job and that is one of the reasons, that makes this series worth watching.

Screenplay and Editing


The best part about the series, the series is short and brilliantly created, there is not even single fra, that bores you, the series is only of four episodes and all of 40-45 minutes long, there is nothing extra in any of episodes, all the episodes are well scripted and edited. The way it ends, it also raises a great and huge story for another season.


The series is an absolute stunner, it worths your time, each and every frame is interesting, don’t compare it with Hollywood series, otherwise, it would lose the charm, we are going with 4 out 5 stars for this series, again we are saying, don’t compare it with foreign Zombies series, you would lose interest in it.

You Can also check our video review for the series, we are working over the audios, there may be glitches in audio due to technical issues, Enjoy the Video.

Betaal Episode 5, Release Date

Many users were asking about the episode 5 of the series, let me clear you, the season 1 of the series has only episodes and if you want to know, what happened later, You have to wait for the Next Season.

That’s all about the Betaal Review, please let us know about your opinion about the series, for more posts like this, stay tuned with, we keep you posted from the news and updates from the digital world.


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