13 Reasons Why Final Season 4: Get ready folks because Netflix has announced the season 4 of the popular hit teen-drama. Get ready to binge-watch the series again. 13 reasons why is based on 2007 novel by Jay Asher of the same name .

The series began with the death of a girl, Hannah Baker from liberty high school who committed suicide and left 13 tapes, each containing a reason and the person who is responsible for her suicide.

Season 1 of the show received widespread critical as well as commerical acclaim. It was praised for it’s setting, storyline, acting, and also for not shying away from complicated subject matter such as mental health, sexual assault, bullying, and violence, with others raising concerns about the portrayals of the very same things.

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  • Name Of The Series – 13 Resons Why
  • Season – 4
  • Release Date – 5th June 2020
  • Platform – Netflix

13 Reasons Why Final Season Plot

In season 1 after the revelations of Hannah people who are involved in the tapestry to cover up the secrets and also try to make the tapes look fake. It is revealed that Bryce walker raped Hannah and also Raped Jessica which killed the soul of Hannah. Later the tapes are made public and Hannah’s parents also hear it.

This leads to the show’s 2nd season where Hannah’s parents have started a case against Bryce Walker. The whole 2nd season is about Bryce’s trial and during the incident what effect does it put on other students of the school. One such incident being the harassment of Tyler, which disturbs him in such a manner that on the prom night he goes with a gun to the school and starts shooting. This is further explained in season 3 which focuses on 2 parallel storylines redemption of Bryce walker and murder of Bryce walker.

Yes he is murdered by someone and Clay and others try to find out who killed him. They eventually find out who did it but puts the blame on another person named Monty de la Cruz, who is currently in jail. The group gets the news that after Monty was convicted of this charge he was found dead in jail. This will be the storyline for season 4 which is also going to be the final season of the show.

13 Reasons Why Final Season 4 Cast

The series’s final season stars Dylan Minnette, Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Justin Prentice, Miles Heizer, Ross Butler, Devin Druid, Grace Saif, and others

13 Reasons Why Final Season Trailer

Netflix released the trailer for the final season of the show and it is available on YouTube and Netflix. Be sure to check it out. The trailer looks interesting and groping like the other season, some are saying that it is one of the best of all time, Check the official trailer.

To be honest, over the years the show’s level has been on a downfall and season 3 of the show was received negative reviews from the fans and critics alike. So people like me who actually like the show will be hoping that the show achieves its season 1 glory and say goodbye to us in the best manner.


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