Rachel Jones David Koresh Wife: The Recently Released Netflix Documentary Series Which Is Available To Stream On Netflix With 3 Episodes This Series is Based On Waco: American Apocalypse Where Most Of The Citizens Faced Too Many Critical Conditions. It Happened In 1993 In Waco, Texas.

Now Talking About Koresh’s Wife His Real Name Was Vernon Howell He Sees Himself As Another Figure Of God And He Believes That He spoke to god He Took Several Spiritual Wives Some Was So Young Approximately 12-13 Years Old He Had One Legal Wife Named Rachel Jones. Rachel’s Family and Koresh Were Very Close To Each Other Because Of Rachel.

In 1993 CBI Suspected That Koresh Having Illegal firearms ATF Alcohol, Tobacco And Firearms Conducted A Raid In hus house At That Time Rachel’s Father Lose His Life, In April 1994 In A Fire Broke Out Rachel, Her Brother, David, Her Sister Michelle And Her Kids With Koresh All Died At The Spot.



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