Race Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: The Korean drama is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. In the previous article, we recapped the very first episode of the series. Now, we are back with a recap and the ending of the second episode. Episode 2 has a total runtime of approximately 56 minutes, so without wasting any time, let’s get started. This article contains heavy spoilers, so if you want to watch the episode first, you can. For those who are still here, let’s get started.

The story starts where it left off in the first episode, with the presentation. We come to know that Jae Min’s boss hates Yoon-Jo’s boss, Hee Young. While she is giving the presentation, they start saying that she is bidding for a makeup company without having any makeup. However, Yoon-Jo supports her boss, and they become quiet after that.

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To calm down their frustration, they go to a bar that night, where they meet Dong Hoon, the CEO of Earth Comm, the company that won the bid. We come to know that Dong Hoon is Hee Young’s junior. Yoon-Jo is still not happy, so she walks off in the heavy rain. Jae Min calls her, but she leaves him a message to meet at Eun’s bar, which is owned by their mutual friend.

There, she tells him that he knew about the scheme and didn’t tell her, but later she calms down.

The next morning, the CEO of Seyong, Lim Chang Soo, passes away. His only daughter, Lim Ji Hyeon, starts fighting with Jung Gu Young, the current vice president of the company, for the position of president. Jung has been working for the company for many years. However, there is one more problem: the company has to cover the loss they faced due to the article leak. So she calls the PR team, and Jae Min also gets involved in this mess now.

The Ending

During the meeting, Jae Min suggests hiring new members instead of relying on old connections. He says this because he wants his friend Yoon Jo to join the company, and he believes she deserves it more than anyone. The bid was going to Earth Comm, and although others like Yoon Jo’s bid, decisions are fixed in these types of workplaces. So it is decided that the bid will go to Earth Comm.

However, in the end, we see that Yoon Jo finally gets a project from a bakery situated in her neighborhood. She has been trying hard for a long time to secure their contract, and now she finally gets one. The episode ends.



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