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Ten Pound Poms Season 2 Release Date, Renewed Or Cancelled?

Ten Pound Poms is A Recently Released British Historical Drama Television Series That was created By Danny Brocklehurst For BBC One Network With BBC One This Show Is Also Available On Stan Network.

This show revolves around a true story British Citizens Who Migrated To Australia After The Second World War. This Show Is Available With 6 Episodes AS Of Now.

Now Talking About the second season;

This Show was Released On 14th May 2023 the show is doing pretty well, but as of now there is no confirmation about season 2 of the show and there is no announcement from the makers yet. but by looking at the buzz of the show, it is very much expected that the show will be renewed for the next season.

If everything goes well, You can expect the new season by 2025. We will update the official confirmation if there is any, by the makers.

The Cast Of The Show Is Michelle Keegan, Faye Marsay and Warren Brown in the main lead roles. The show also stars Hattie Hook, Finn Treacy,Declan Coyle,Stephen Curry,David Field,Emma Hamilton,Cheree Cassidy And Berynn Schwerdt In Key Roles.



    • Me neither! As for saying the makers didn’t think about making another series is complete rubbish. They left all the character stories open ended. It’s a brilliant series please do another!

  1. We were Ten Pound Poms in 1965. This programme really brought it home to me how much people gave up, mostly their families. We only stayed for three years but my Dad stayed on and became an Australian citizen, and had another family. I often wonder . . ..

    I loved this series though; such a shame there’s no Series 2 in the pipeline!!!

    • I wondered how many families stayed and how many came home. I felt their despair when they got there. Thats how I felt when we went for 5 months. Just travelling. Its true the heat isn’t enough! There was a family in the 70s that we knew that went out there. the dad returned home, they all stayed x

  2. It was good – I would like to see a second series. I do agree with some comments, the script was a bit predictable and the characters were stereotypical, but it brought back the 50’s for me. Shocking the level of misogyny and bullying, but there was a lot of truth in that, especially Ozzie’s negative attitude towards the Aboriginals and the British – alive and well still! It was like going back in time – one tends to forget that the past is another country.

  3. Totally loved 10poumdpom ….. so hoping for season 2 . Best thing on tele for ages … annoyed with myself for binge watching..

  4. I was a ten pound pom at age 11, our family were luckier as my Dad’s company BTH in England thought very highly of him and found work for him here in Australia also a house until we moved closer to dad’s work and Dad built us a house within a few months of us coming here, Yes the lucky country when you have help

  5. Can’t believe there may not be another season!!!!! Why do they always do that get people hooked and then cancel!?! Do they not listen to the viewers!?!?!?!

  6. Typical. How many series have started this year and then never continued!! Really what is the point!! Why start something you don’t intend finishing! Useless

  7. Far too many of our younger generation find it hard to accept there were people that came before them that had a life that was vastly different to that of today , this isn’t something to complain about because you didn’t like the shows content but something to embrace and remember who created the opportunities enjoyed by today’s generation. Awesome show that really deserves a second season.

  8. I hope there will be a season two. I lived in Australia and new Dutch and Italian people who had been in camps of Nissen huts and also tents! What they described was actually worse than the show!

  9. I hope they make a second series of 10 Pound Poms but lets hope they cover the more positive stories of migrants that have settled in Aussie and had a great life of which there are many.

  10. More positive stories…. I bet that came from an Aussie with rose tiny red glasses.
    It’s not much different today but a higher standard of living as you use your life savings to support the move and are 100% on your own.
    We still get ribbed for being a Pom, can’t stand that term. Brits still work in jobs way below their qualification level or take the crap job or work tasks that Aussie’s don’t want, while less qualified Australians get promoted. We put up with crap at work and laugh it off because you have to get on with it. You have to make it work when you put everything you have into moving to the other side of the world.
    Australia is also very racist and much of these comments I have heard and been shocked about towards indigenous people in 2023. I teach high school kids and some of the comments I overhear are foul.
    I loved the show and many of the themes mirror a modern migrant story.
    Let me guess, better go back to where we came from lol. Wining Pom 🤣

  11. No doubt they left the audience hanging in the last episode to guage the reaction to the series before committing to a second series. I have no doubt they will do a second series but its still a couple of years away.

  12. I did not realize that some of the 10 Pound Poms had it so hard, but I was born in 1956 and my parents did it tough as well, and we were all born in Australia. It is a great series and hopefully there will be further seasons.

  13. I was a Ten pound Pom but we went out a few years later than this programme in 1966. We went to Villawood in a Sydney suburb and lasted 2 years as my Mum got homesick and she was the one who instigated moving there. In her defence, it was nothing like the idyllic life she’d been sold. After eventually moving off the Hostel to private rented accommodation, we moved back to the hostel after walking in one day and finding the landlord going through our things. Had we stayed, who knows, I may still be there now. Although I was young at the time, I have vivid memories of our time there and although a different camp, it does have similarities and bring back memories, good and bad. There was resentment from some Aussies but I look back at it with fondness. I enjoyed the programme and hope they make more series as it has a lot of scope for more stories both positive and negative.

  14. Loved this series, we binged watched it too. Finger’s crossed for another series. It’s got everything in this program. My uncle emigrated to Perth back in the 70s, he loved it,we kept in touch writing letters and he came over for visits a few times. Sadly he passed away in his old age.

  15. I absolutely loved the series. There should definitely be another. This was what life was like back then and people need to see it. Brilliant acting!
    The world is going bonkers if people are finding it offensive and we need to stop that madness because it’s already gone too far.

  16. Loved Ten Pound Poms. Binge watched and hoping for more seasons. Found really interesting as know nothing of this time and what life was like for the immigrants. Love the characters- there is so much more to do with this story.

  17. Loved the series and binge watched the full series. Really hope there will be more to come. Best thing on tv without a doubt!


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