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Why Did George Quit After Watching Okja Movie In Poker Face Episode 3?

Why Did George Quit After Watching Okja: Poker Face, the new Peacock Drama created by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne has just debuted on the streaming service. It is a “case of the week” mystery comedy-drama and consists of 10 Episodes out of which 4 have aired in the first week.

Episode 3 of the series is titled “The Stall” and it tells the story of two brothers where one of them quits the family business of beef and the other one kills him for it because he had asked for half of the business share.

It was Charlie played by Natasha who solves this crime but what is really nice about this Episode is, one movie changed George’s perspective on his whole career and that movie was Okja. If you haven’t watched Okja and you’re curious about it, here’s what you should know.

Okja Movie In Poker Face Episode 3

Okja is a story about a human relationship with an animal and how it all gets overshadowed by capitalism. It was released in 2017 and directed by Bong Joon-ho who is very famous for his Oscar Winning Film “Parasite”.

Now, the movie is about Okja, who is a genetically modified “super pig” who has properties from very less methane production. But then, Okja is sent to the US where she’s sent to the meat industry to get slaughtered and what we end up seeing is the mistreatment of the animals in the meat industry. The little girl, Mija who has grown up with Okja goes to US to rescue her and sees her torture Okja.

Some of the notable scenes in the film are, when Okja’s flesh is cut off of her and sent for tasting and after her meat is considered quite good, to get more super pigs like Okja, she is forcibly bred by another male super pig.

Towards the end, we see a lot of super pigs who are getting slaughtered in the factory, and what makes it heart-breaking is that these super pigs are really smart and tightly knit with their kids when Mija is taking away Okja with her after paying the CEO so Okja doesn’t get slaughtered, there are other super pigs who push their newborn to Mija to hide and take away because they do not want them to be slaughtered.

Okja is a heart-breaking movie and deserves a watch if you haven’t watched it. It is available on Netflix in Multiple Languages.



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