Platonic Episode 1 : Seth Rogen is back with another comedic avatar in the latest Apple TV+ comedy-drama series Platonic. In this article, we are going to recap the very first episode of the series. Let’s get started.

The story starts with Sylvia, who lives with her husband Charlie, and their two children. One night, they got into a debate about what to watch but ended up watching each other’s mobile phones or tablets. Sylvia also has a best friend named Will, but they haven’t been talking to each other for five years because Sylvia tried to warn Will about Audrey, but he still married her. Now, Charlie tells Sylvia that they are divorced after seeing Audrey’s Instagram post.

Feeling the need for something, Sylvia decides to meet Will. They meet at a café, and it is clear that they have missed each other a lot, but neither of them tries to show it. Sylvia shows him a photo of her family and mentions that she works under her husband, who is a lawyer, while Will used to work at his own bar. Will introduces Sylvia to his friend and invites her to a party happening next weekend, but he is still unsure if she will come or not.

The next day, while dropping off her kids, Sylvia meets her single mother friend Katie and tells her about her long meeting with a friend and the party. Katie insists that she must go to the party and that she will join her too. On the night of the party, as soon as they arrive, they instantly regret their decision and decide to leave. However, Will spots them, and Will’s friend Andy is rude to Sylvia, as she is preventing him from getting close to Will.

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The ladies leave soon after, and as they start walking home, they notice a man shouting at a couple on the other end of the street. It is revealed that Audrey is at Will’s party with her new boyfriend, and the man shouting is Will, who is yelling at them. The couple leaves quietly before the situation gets worse. Sylvia decides to talk to Will, and this time they get along very well as she also tries to set Will up with a woman. However, their fun ends abruptly with an argument.

During the argument, Sylvia admits that she was correct about Audrey and that she knows about their divorce. Will blames her for ending their friendship, and they start fighting again. It is still unclear who broke up their friendship first. Nevertheless, Sylvia leaves in her car, showing him the middle finger. But as soon as she reaches home, she texts him, and it is revealed that they are back on track again. The episode ends.



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