Spy Master Episode 1: Based on the time of 1973 when every nation is trying to become a superpower, especially nations like the USSR and the United States, and many changes are happening in Europe, with wars occurring across the globe, every person is considered a spy and everyone wants to dominate each other.

In this episode, we are going to give you a recap of the first episode of the series, so let’s get started.

The story starts with Victor Godeanu, the personal assistant and security advisor to Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, who goes to the US embassy in Germany. He enters the building and tells the receptionist that he wants to meet Frank Jackson, introducing himself as an intelligence officer. However, before he can call him, he abruptly leaves without any reason.

Later, when Frank learns about this, he is surprised that such a close person to the President came to meet him and left without seeing him. He asks his officers to find out where Victor is staying so that he can understand the purpose of the visit.

President Nicolae, along with his wife Elena, has returned from the United States of America, where they went to sign a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. His wife tells him that this would not have been possible without him. However, he is still worried because he believes there are many traitors and spies leaking information about his country. He asks Victor to find out about them as soon as possible.

The Ending

But the man most trusted by the President is the traitor. Yes, Victor is the traitor, which the President is unaware of. Many people working with the President know about it but are waiting for enough evidence to expose him. Dan Banea is another important man for the President, and it seems like Victor and Dan share a good relationship. Victor advises Dan not to come under the radar and not to betray the President’s loyalty.

However, the next day, Nicolae orders Victor to kill Dan because he is the traitor. Victor insists that Dan is an honest man and cannot be a traitor, but the President doesn’t listen. So Victor has to kill Dan, which breaks his heart. He then leaves for Germany, as Dan was his good friend.

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Victor has been working for the USSR for the last 15 years, and some people are aware of it. He has bugged every part of the office and now listens to every conversation between the President and the officials. Mircea and Carmen, the two officials working with the President, come to know about this.

There was a photograph of Victor meeting with General Shakarov, so Carmen goes to retrieve that photograph. She successfully manages to distract the USSR agents who are following her and safely reaches Romania.

On the other hand, Frank has found out where Victor is staying. He sends him a message to meet him alone at a place. When they meet, Victor tells Frank that he wants to work for them because he knows his family is not safe there, as people know he is a traitor and will soon expose him. Frank becomes very excited that such an important man for Romania wants to work for them. However, his higher officials deny it, as they do not want to spoil their relationship with Romania. When he returns to his hotel room, Ingrid, who works for Stasi (the state security service for Germany), points a gun at him.

Now Victor is in a huge mess, and when the President finds out about him, he will not leave him alive. The US officials also deny him, and his own co-workers are trying to expose him. What will happen next? We will find out in the upcoming episodes. Until then, stay tuned with us.



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