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Paul In ‘My Landlord Wants Me Dead’ | Actor Name, Who Plays?

Paul In ‘My Landlord Wants Me Dead’: Paul is the cute and charming neighbor of Madeline and her granny at the ranch they rented to live in after Madeline and her granny started facing strange things Paul was the prime suspect for these things happening is he really behind these things or he wants to help Madeline that who really is doing that.

Here I am going to tell the real name of the actor who played the role of PAUL and some of her works.


American actor Roy Abramsohn played the role of Paul in the latest lifetime crime thriller drama.

Who Is Roy Abramsohn?

Roy Abramsohn is a very popular American actor who is best known for his role in the movies like Escape From Tomorrow (2013), Searching (2018) and Tomorrow (2018) he is a great actor and played very strong characters in these movies.

You can see his latest work in the movie My Landlord Wants Me Dead streaming now on the “Lifetime” Platform.



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