Painkiller Episode 6 Netflix: This episode Started with a boy named Riley, 28 years old. He also became addicted to OxyContin. His parents still love him. In this final episode, we will now know how Edie lost against Richard Sackler and what happened at the end.

After the previous night, Shannon went to meet with Edie Flower. First of all, she said sorry for whatever she had done in her life. She thought she was helping people, but she actually became blind to money. She handed over all emails and call notes to Edie. With Shannon’s help, Edie got a big lead so they got the case they needed to present to the DOJ. Now, Purdue is in their hands. Shannon also said that Britt informed her to tell doctors to increase doses so sales can rise.

They first targeted Dr. Goldenheim because they have all the proofs about it. They went helplessly to Richard, but he still remained silent. He just said, “Don’t give them any chances.” Richard is actually helpless and seeking help from Arthur, who is a hallucination. At night, he was crying helplessly, but Arthur motivated him and informed him to fight more.

Richard appointed some of the best lawyers. First, Mary J. White, who was the first female US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and led the prosecution against Gambino Crime boss John Gotti in 1992. Not only this, but she also fought against the World Trade Center bomber, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, in 1993. Second, Howard Shapiro, who was the general counsel for the FBI from 1993 to 1997.

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Third, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani. Purdue lied in front of Congress. After capturing their three executives, they will target Richard Sackler. Everyone reached the court to fight. Right then, we see something unexpected. The judge said a settlement has been reached. Purdue has agreed to plead guilty to one count of fraudulently misbranding OxyContin.

Raymond and Mortimer called Rudy, so he called Congress. Congress called the White House, and the White House called the DOJ (Department of Justice). Then the DOJ called Brownlee to make a deal. Michael Friedman, Howard Udell & Paul Goldenheim have agreed to plead guilty, both counts of misdemeanor misbranding. Five million people died, and Richard just made a call to settle things. The man who said he wouldn’t settle just did it in the end. After that, they continued making OxyContin.

Richard from the inside is feeling guilty for whatever he has done. Because many people died, but he only thought about money. After that, they made a big profit by producing a huge number of OxyContin. After that, Edie accepted her loss. She understood she would never win this game. Later, she met with her brother Shawn. There, she confessed her guilt in front of her brother, as she wanted to change her brother from addiction.

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Glen is trying to recover from that medicine. He survived 30 days without it. He is taking Methadone and feeling good. With Tyler’s help, he started his car repair center again. He is enjoying a happy life and has overcome the drug, but one night he discovered a couple badly addicted to drugs. After seeing the drugs there, he started taking drugs again. The man was starting to get over it but was unable to recover in the end. He wished for a beautiful life but ended up with nothing. In the end, we saw Glen die in the car.

Edie told the whole story to Brianna Ortiz and her team. She wished to help people but was unable to do it because her fight was with some big people. Edie is now living happily with her brother.

In 2019, as a direct result of the multi-state lawsuits, Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy. As part of a proposed settlement, the Sackler family agreed to pay a settlement of 6 billion dollars. The owners of Purdue Pharma were accused of fueling the opioid epidemic. Later, the Sackler family stopped the ownership of Purdue Pharma Company. They turned over 30 million documents and paid 4.5 billion.

At the end of the series, we saw Richard Sackler in his big mansion. He was still hallucinating Arthur Sackler. Richard still thinks that whatever he has done, he will get a profit, but he has already lost a lot of his wealth. It’s estimated that over 3 lakh people died from overdoses involving prescription painkillers like OxyContin.

As of March 2023, final approval for Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy is still pending. No member of the Sackler family has been criminally charged in connection with the marketing of OxyContin or any overdose deaths involving the drug. Richard Sackler is alive and living his life in his house, “Boca Raton,” in Florida.

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