Behind Your Touch Episode 2: The second episode of the show was fully entertaining. There was nothing particularly thrilling in the episode except for the last few minutes. We are covering the episode-wise recap of the Korean series “Behind Your Touch,” and here is the recap and ending explanation of episode 2 of the show.

Episode 2 of the show starts with Bong Ye Bun in the clinic. We saw in the last episode that Bong Ye Bun now has powers, and she can see the backstory of any animal or human being just by touching their bum. The story moves forward in episode 2, and Bun starts treating animals using her power and touching their bums. Her clinic becomes a super hit, and everyone starts loving her way of treating. Bun and her auntie start earning a lot of money.

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One day, while Bun was treating the animals, the same man from episode 1 (whose cow was ill and Bun got powers after a comet struck them) arrives at the Bun Hospital and asks her to come along to see his cow. Upon reaching there, Bun saw that the man is becoming bald now. She asks the reason behind it, and the man reveals that it is all because of that comet strike. After the strike, he also got the powers to see the backstory of people, and when he starts using his power, he starts losing hair too.

Bun was shocked to listen, and she decided that she will not treat the animals anymore. Her auntie was not happy after this decision, and she sends Bun to work at a fish farm to earn money. Upon reaching that place, she realizes that she is trapped there and can’t get out. She also meets one of her childhood friends there. On the other hand, Detective Jong suspects that someone is smuggling drugs at the fish farm, and he raids the place. He finds nothing there, but Bun is rescued from there.

Jong is desperate to get a case solved so that he can go back to Seoul. He starts working on a case where someone has put pesticides on someone else’s field. Jong catches the culprit by looking at the hand of the culprit, as his skin was damaged because of chemicals, but there was no evidence against him. He starts looking for evidence. On the other hand, Bun has found a kitten, and by touching its bum, she sees that something is hidden in the backyard of a house.

Unfortunately, Jong is also searching for proof in the same house, and they both get frightened after looking at each other in the dark. Jong asks Bun what she is doing there, and Bun shows him those bottles of pesticides hidden in the backyard of the house. Jong gets the bottles as proof, and the case is solved with Bun’s help.

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On the other hand, when Bun touches her friend’s bum, she sees that her friend has kidnapped some girl. She goes to rescue that girl. By the end of the episode, we see a boy dragging that girl toward the forest, and the episode ends here.

There were lots of fun elements in episode 2 of the show, and I liked it. Episode 3 is going to be thrilling for sure, as we are going to see how they handle and manage the killer. Episode 2 of the show will stream on Netflix on August 19, 2023.



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