‘Pain Hustlers’ Plot Summary and Ending Explained: The Netflix original film ‘Pain Hustlers’ is now streaming on Netflix in multiple audio versions. The film has become the most-watched film on Netflix in the last 24 hours. Here is the full recap, summary, and ending explanation of the film.

The story of the film begins with a bar dancer named Liza, who works at a bar as a pole dancer. In the bar, she encounters a man named “Pete Brenner,” who asks Liza to stop dancing in the bar and invites her to work with him.

Later on, we discover that Liza is living in her sister’s basement. After an argument, her sister asks her to leave the house. Liza, along with her two daughters and mother, leaves the place and starts living in a rented local residence. Later on, we see that Liza goes to Pete’s office and there she lands a job as a salesperson. The job is simple; she has to increase the sales of a medicine named Lenafen by convincing more and more doctors to prescribe it for cancer patients.

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Liza works tirelessly, day and night, searching for doctors who can prescribe their medicine, but with no results. On the last day of the deadline, she manages to get a break and convinces a doctor named Nathan. Nathan begins prescribing the medicine to cancer patients, and soon they start selling Lonafen worth millions of dollars. Liza also starts receiving massive commissions from the sales, and they begin hiring more and more people for sales.

Liza’s plans work well, and the company makes around 190 million dollars in a single year, completely transforming Liza’s life. She acquires a big, luxurious house, a top-notch school for her daughter, and everything she ever dreamed of. Very soon, an IPO is launched, and the company yields over 400% returns to its shareholders.

One day, during a meeting, Pete notices that Jeff is recording their conversations. Pete reports this to the boss, and Eric is fired that day. After the massive success of the company, Zack starts making some strange changes, such as collecting employees’ phones, prohibiting them from wearing shoes in the office, and more.

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One day, Zack informs Pete and Liza that their sales are now stagnant, and they need to change the sales policy. Liza and Pete’s sales team begins promoting Lonafane as a pain relief medicine. Now, Lonafane becomes known as the pain relief medicine. Liza isn’t in favor of this idea, but after the boss’s orders, she has no other option. As per the company’s orders, doctors start prescribing Lonafen as the pain relief medicine for all diseases.

Just a year later, the side effects of the drug start appearing in those who are using it excessively. People begin to collapse, and when Liza learns about it, she feels a deep sense of guilt, thinking it’s all because of her.

Pain Hustlers Liza and Phoebe
Pain Hustlers Liza and Phoebe

On the other hand, we discover that Liza’s daughter, Phoebe, is diagnosed with a severe illness that requires more than 450,000 dollars for treatment. Liza has around 200,000 dollars in cash, but she needs an additional 250,000 dollars. When she asks Jack for the money, he insists that she must earn it through hard work. Liza creates a fake expense report and gets it signed by Jack.

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With that money, she is able to afford her daughter’s treatment. Some days later, she goes to the FBI with evidence and reveals everything about the Lonafen scam and addiction. The police subsequently file a case against Pete, Jack, Eric, and everyone involved in the case. Jack tries to manipulate the case using his financial influence, but he is also sent to jail. Liza is sentenced to 15 months in prison.

In the post-credit sequence of the film, we see that Liza is now running a herbal skincare brand with the help of her mom, and the film ends on a happy note.


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