Tore Season 1 All Episodes: Season 1 of the Netflix original series ‘Tore’ is now streaming on the Platform. There are a total of 6 Episodes in the show and all episodes are around 30 minutes long. Here is the Full recap, summary, and ending Explanation of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts with a guy named ‘Tore,’ who is an introvert and not active socially. His father advises him to take a separate house for himself as he is now a full-grown adult, but Tore says that he wants to live with him only. We also get introduced to a friend of Tore named ‘Linn.’

The next morning, Tore and his father are going to the office, and upon reaching the office, Tore’s father is hit by a truck and is killed on the spot. Tore is shocked to see all of this and becomes completely alone. He starts living all alone in his closed house with his dog named MJ. He even tries to give the dog to a new couple, but after observing the dog’s behavior, they don’t accept the dog.

Tore’s friend, Linn, advises Tore to meet a guy named Alfred, but Tore is not interested in it. One night, Tore decides to go to the club, and he goes to a gay club nearby. After lots of drinks and wines, he meets a guy in the club, and they start kissing each other. They both come out of the club, and that guy asks Tore to take him home, but Tore says that he is not ready for any physical intimacy yet. The guy starts forcing Tore, but Tore hits him, and he runs away from there, and Episode 1 ends here.

Episode 2 of the show starts at the funeral of Tore’s father, and once again, Tore arrives late. He also leaves the funeral in between and goes to a flower shop where he meets Erick, and he starts to like him. He keeps searching for information about Erick on social media to know whether Erick is also gay or not, but he finds nothing. Later on, we see that Tore goes to Linn’s house, where he meets her son, Alfred, and then leaves the house.

Tore again goes to the same club, and there he meets the same guy again. This time, he brings him home, and they take some drugs. Very soon, Tore starts hallucinating about his father and jumps from the roof, and Episode 2 ends here.

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Episode 3 starts with Alfred and Linn visiting Tore’s house, but he is not there. Alfred goes to the backyard and sees that Tore is lying unconscious there, and he tells the same to Linn. Tore receives first aid, and then he learns that there is a high chance that he will be fired from his job. Here, we get introduced to another character named Heidi, who has just lost her husband, and now she is trying to kill herself because her daughters want to send her to an old-age home.

Tore goes to the same club again, and there he meets a gay named ‘Shady Meat,’ and he also encounters the same guy again. This time, he goes into the bathroom with that guy, and there Tore starts hallucinating again, seeing his father in his hallucinations. He falls into the bathroom, and he is banned from that club. The next day when he goes to the club, he meets Shady Meat, who advises him to follow Erick on social media, and Tore does the same. While Tore is talking with Shady, he gets a call from Heidi (the old lady). Tore immediately realizes that Heidi is going to kill herself, and he runs from there to save Heidi, and Episode 3 ends here.

In Episode 4, we learn that Erick is also gay and has recently broken up with his partner. Later, Tore asks Erick to teach him how to drive, but Erick says that he can’t help him with that. Tore then gets into a fight with Linn and, later on, with Viggo as well. Everything is going wrong for Tore, and everyone is leaving him for various reasons. In Episode 5, Tore sells his dog MJ to someone else and receives a message from Erick. Erick offers to teach him how to drive, and after the driving lessons, he asks Tore out for dinner.

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Tore goes to Erick’s house, and there he becomes physically intimate with Erick. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, and Tore realizes that Erick is in a serious relationship with his previous partner, and they also want to have children. Tore leaves in anger and goes to Linn to share everything. On the other hand, Tore is fired from his job as everyone now knows about the drug incident.

The next day, Tore sings at the club and again experiences hallucinations about his dog and father. The following morning, Tore asks Linn for help in getting his dog back, and Linn assists Tore in doing so. Linn and Tore manage to retrieve MJ from his new owner’s house, and the show ends on a happy note.



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