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Omarosa | House of Villains – Instagram, Networth, Age, Wiki, Husband

Omarosa in House of Villains: Omarosa is one of the biggest contestants in E!’s reality show House of Villains. In the show we see people who have bad reputations on the internet, they participate in the show to win money and the title of America’s Ultimate Supervillain.

These people already participated in other shows like Love is Blind, The Bachelor, and many more reality shows.

Who is Omarosa?

Omarosa is a writer, and TV personality. She became popular in America after participating in NBC’s reality show The Apprentice. She then worked in the White House before getting fired. The reason she is in House of Villains is because of her aggressive personality on the show The Apprentice, E! even makes her the number one bad girl in Reality TV shows.

What’s the Age of Omarosa?

Omarosa is 49-years-old (as of now). She was born in February 5, 1995.

Is Omarosa Single?

No, Omarosa isn’t Single. She married her spouse Johnn Newman in 2017.

What’s your Instagram ID of Omarosa?

Omarosa’s full name is Omarosa Manigault Newman and she has 75k+ followers on Instagram.

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