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North shore (2023) Tv Series Based On Real True Story?

The latest Apple TV/Prime series is streaming now in the English language. If you have watched this series or are going to, you might be wondering if the story is inspired by or based on any past incident or event. In this article, we are going to clear all your doubts regarding this question. So let’s get started.

First things first, the series is “NOT” based on any real story or incident. The story is about a girl named Sophie who is found dead at sea. Her mother is a very powerful trader and politician in Britain. This is a high-profile case, so the police forces of Australia and Britain have teamed up to solve it. The story revolves around this case and is not inspired by any real events or stories.

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All the characters played are fictional and do not belong to any real person. As you can see at the beginning of the series, it states that “The series is a complete work of fiction.” We hope this answers your question. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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