Reality Z Ending Explained: Reality Z is a Brazilian horror web television series based on the British series Dead Set and set to premiere on Netflix. Reality Z at first might seem like another zombie apocalypse thriller and survival situation that we have seen many times. But no the series offers much more than that. It shows the reality of reality shows:-! :-P.

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That sounds funny but it is true. It gives us insight into what really happens in the reality show. We in our hindsight know that all of this is an act but still we follow the shows like crazy. Reality Z is a show which will make you question yourself and also the show itself. Let’s explain the series to you.

Netflix’s Reality Z Plot

The show begins with contestants in a reality show called The Olympus which is run by a man Brandao. He is a total businessman who doesn’t care about anything except his show’s TRP. The contestants on the other were waiting for their eviction from the show as it generally happens on a particular night.

Then suddenly a zombie outbreak takes place in the city and the contestants are completely ignorant about it. Even after so many warnings, Brandao continues to run the show without telling the people. That’s when a zombie enters the premise of the Olympus and starts infecting all the crew involved with the show. To escape this, Nina, a crew member, rushes into the confined home of the contestants while Brandao finds shelter in the same complex along with Jessica, the evicted contestant.

The house contestants do not believe in Nina’s theory of zombie apocalypse. In the meantime, back in the real world, Ana and her son, Leo, realize that the condition of the world is worsening by the minute and they need to find a safe place before its too late. Ana who previously worked as a crew on the show suggests that they should go to the Olympus house as it is the safest for them.

Along the way, they run into a corrupt politician named Levi, his police escorts, his prisoner Teresa, and his assistant. When Levi tries to steal their car, Ana negotiates with them and convinces them that the Olympus home is where they should be heading. In the meantime in the Olympus home, the tensions begin to rise as the people are not Cooperating together and to make matters worse Brandao continues to make himself as the leader of the group which is met with severe criticism, in the heat of the moment the doors of the house gets opened, from where arrives the zombies and everyone in the house either gets eaten by them or gets converted into a zombie themselves. Just after this “feast” Ana and the group arrive in the house.

Upon reaching the house, they start to celebrate that they have survived but the joy is short-lived when they assume their situation as the zombies are large in number and to tackle them they need more people. Also, the food and the supplies are also going to finish quickly thus they need to act fast. So Levi in his leader character signals a distress call stating that the Olympus house will give food and shelter to everyone who survives the zombie attack outside. Slowly and gradually they start to get survivors and people outside the door demanding to get in. This in a way starts a new “reality show”.

New show?

After the announcement, Three people come – two men and women to seek shelter But instead of letting them in, Levi and the others judge these people based on what they look like and a conflict of opinions ensues. But eventually, they arrive at the conclusion of letting all of them in. After battling more zombies with their own growing army, they realize that one of the two men, who they let in, was a thug even though he claimed that he was a doctor. This makes them reconsider their choices of letting people inside the home. During these moments the show gives us a slight feel about what actually happens in a reality show and how people just pretend to be in front of the camera and being totally different in real life.

More people start to arrive and this time Levi devises a game to screen out the survivors and whom they should take in. Levi here is starting to take the position of a leader who is more like a dictator. He convinces everyone that he is simply adopting a democratic way of settling things in the home. But he actually sets out to slowly take control over everything that’s going on in the home. He eventually becomes the “Big Brother” or “Zeus” of the Olympus home, who tries to control them purely for his own pleasure.

Netflix’s Reality Z Ending

Like we said that the show is not a typical zombie thriller in fact it shows the actual scenario of what happens in critical situations. Instead of staying together, they fight for themselves which destroys the whole core. Levi continues to play his wicked little games, Teresa realizes what he’s up to and tries to bring an end to his rule. Soon enough, more people try to enter into the house and suddenly all hell breaks loose and all zombies get in the house. In the closing scene, no one is spared. But before becoming zombie food, Teresa takes a video recording on her phone and hides the phone inside a loose brick in the wall, hoping that someone would later find it.

The whole point of this video was to establish a message for others of what not to do in situations like this and be together. The group didn’t do that, they didn’t come to a common ground which leads to their death. Shows like Big brother and others are only for the entertainment of the audience and the contestants only do it for followers. The show Reality Z showed that Olympus’ character also got followers in the disguise of Zombie.

This was our’s Reality Z Ending Explained, what is Yours? please let us know in comment sections, for more updates on Digital and web content stay tuned with us.


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