Curon Ending Explained: Curon is a new Italian supernatural teen drama series set in a town of northern Italy. The show beautifully tries to create mystery and suspense in the show by using a local legend that expands throughout the whole series. By the end, the theories become complex in nature and it is natural to get some facts missed. Therefore let’s discuss the ending of the show.

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Curon Netflix Plot

The story begins with a girl named Anna who has suffered a tragedy in the form of her mother’s death, which was ruled a suicide by the people. But Anna believed that it wasn’t a suicide. This made her leave the town but the memories of her mother’s death are still etched in her mind. After a span of 17 years, she has returned to the town with her 2 kids Mauro and Daria to figure out the mystery behind her mother’s death.

But as soon as she is about to start finding the clues she gets missing which leaves her kids in disbelief. They try to try to locate her, but they come across a disturbing local legend that changes everything about the way they perceived the town.

Curon Ending Netflix

In the final episode of the season, The show tries to tie up a lot of loose ends in the story, we get deeper into the mystery of the bells and the doppelgängers. One of the most shocking details about the mysterious legend of the town comes with the case of Klara. Her repressed emotions about her husband’s affair with Anna had given rise to a different personality that would be more adept at handling the crisis in her life. Soon Albert comes to know about it and he kills Klara’s doppelganger to save her. By doing so, he thinks that the danger is over, but that’s not so. Soon enough, another doppelgänger comes to take her place and the real Klara is killed.

We get to know that Albert, himself, was a doppelgänger and that he didn’t know about his replacement in case the first doppelgänger is killed means that there are a lot of things about this local legend that not even the supernatural creatures are aware about. This also means that all the doppelgängers who have been killed don’t guarantee the death of that character. However, the difference between them and Klara is that all their real versions were dead before they themselves were killed.

The ending also leaves us wondering about the real nature of the doppelgängers and their children. We never get to know about the supernatural factors in the show in detail and we still don’t know whether the doppelgangers are monsters or humans in real life. And if they are monsters, what does it mean for their children? And how does it affect their doppelgangers?

The series also leaves certain plotholes such as, in the tunnel, the children had seen a bunch of bones. They thought these bones would belong to the soldiers who fought in the Second World War, but then the war never came to Curon. Who are these dead people then? Are these the skeletons of all the real versions of the people who were replaced by their doppelgängers? If they are then are they the first of the doppelgangers? Has the cycle continued for eternity?

The series also leaves the fate of Daria and Micki hanging in a balance. In the last scene, we find both of them battling the severe headaches caused by the ringing of the bells. This means that their doppelgängers have been activated. However, we don’t see the lookalikes come out of the lake as the water has frozen and they are unable to break out to the surface.

If the doppelgängers can’t come out of the lake because of the ice, they will die in the water. As their replacement, another doppelgänger will be born, but again, because of the ice, they won’t be able to come out. This process will stay on a loop until the ice starts to thaw and the doppelgängers can finally swim out of the lake. Sooner or later, the girls will have to face their demons.

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