Notre Dame Shooting & Filming Locations: Notre Dame is a French thriller drama limited series which is inspired by the book “La Nuit de Notre-Dame: By Those Who Saved It” by Romain Gubert and also inspired by the real-life fire incidents that happened at Notre Dame cathedral on April 15, 2019.

The series focuses on firefighters, and is centered around General Ducourt, who is a chief and about to retire; Alice, who is Ducourt’s colleague who lost her lover in a fire; and Max, who wants to reunite with his daughter.

Notre Dame began filming in August 2021 and was entirely shot in France, with a majority shot in Paris. As the story is set in France, the crew and producer decided to shoot the series exclusively in that location so that viewers would get an authentic viewing experience.

The crew members set up camp in various parts of Paris, particularly around Notre Dame de Paris at 6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Pl. Jean-Paul II, to set the interior and exterior scenes for the show, which includes some iconic Rive Seine riverbank scenes.

To achieve authentic feelings, the production team used the facilities of Studios Bry for many interior scenes, including the interiors of Notre Dame, and built a series of stages spanning an area of 20,000 metres square.

The final filming takes place in the interior of Notre Dame and, after 79 days of filming, the filming finally wrapped in October 2021.



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