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Netflix’s 365 Days Ending, Explained

Netflix’s 365 Days Ending, Explained: 365 days or 365 dni is a Polish movie which is being termed as polish cinema’s answer to Fifty shades of grey. Somewhere it fits too as there as several moments similar. The movie recently arrived on Netflix and has been making headlines since.

But after watching the movie the viewers though praised the lead actors and the setting of the movie, the one thing that left people dissatisfied was the ending of the movie. So let us simplify it for you.

365 Days/Dini Movie Story

The movie begins with a Mob boss’ meeting with clients where his son Massimo is also present but not paying attention to the meeting instead of watching a girl. His father advices him to take more responsibility and with his last words a shootout happens to kill Massimo’s father and critically injuring him. After waking up he remembers dreaming for the same girl. 5 years later he still hasn’t forgotten the girl and decides to look for him. Laura, ( the girl ) is passionate about her job but her personal life is a mess.

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Her boyfriend isn’t interested in her and we learn that both the leads are dissatisfied in their sex life. Laura plans a birthday party at a resort where Massimo sees her and abducts her. Waking up with Massimo at her side to an unknown place he tells her that she has 365 days to fall in love with him and if she doesn’t then he’ll let her go. He also shows Laura that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Initially refusing and trying to run Laura doesn’t have much success. She gradually gets the hold if she changed and lavish lifestyle. But still doesn’t reciprocate the love and affection towards Massimo. Massimo who hasn’t grown up listening to No and getting refused is still calm around her and tells her that he’ll not touch her until she is willing to let him.
Then after a few days pass by and Laura also starts getting attracted to Massimo. She in a way also starts craving for him even though she doesn’t let it show on her face.

A classic example of this can be the shower scene between the two. She just teases Massimo and goes out. Then that room scene happens where Massimo ties her and forces her to watch him with another girl. We can see that Laura wants to be with Massimo badly.

In the second half of the movie, Laura starts accepting Massimo the way he is and the two eventually make love and are very happy. Then they go to a party where Massimo’s ex-girlfriend is there. Upon seeing Massimo with Laura she threatens Massimo that she’ll kill Laura or any other girl he is close with. Thus forcing Massimo to tell Laura to return to her parents. After several days go by and no word from Massimo, Laura starts to dwell back into her old lifestyle, and one day Massimo shows up on her door.

After a heated argument the two reconciles and Laura notices a wound mark on Massimo’s chest. Upon her questioning he answers that he had some business to take care and they are safe. The two are happy and start makes marriage plans with Massimo meeting Laura’s parents.

365 Days Ending

Laura meets her old friend and the two go shopping together. After buying herself a wedding gown for her wedding Laura and her friend sit in the car and leave. While she heads back, Massimo’s right-hand man Mario suspects that rival mafia family is about to kill Laura. He tries to warn her but is not able to reach her phone.

In the meantime, while all this goes on, Massimo talks to Laura on the phone. But her car soon enters a tunnel, and she loses her network. Mario rushes to Massimo and tells him about the sinister plot of their rivals, and in the ending scene, a police car can be seen parked right outside the tunnel, suggesting that Laura’s car never made it out of there.

What could’ve happened?

Let’s focus on two stories

1. Where Laura’s car goes into the tunnel and she is killed giving us a sad ending.

2. If the makers are planning to give us a sequel of the movie then it is very much possible that Laura has just been kidnapped by a rival gang or Massimo’s ex-girlfriend and sequel will show Massimo getting back Laura.

These are the aptest explanations for what could’ve happened, This was our Netflix’s 365 Days Ending, what is your opinion and review of this movie, please let us know in the comment box, for more updates like this on digital and web content stay tuned with us.

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