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Homecoming season 2 Ending, Explained

Homecoming season 2 Ending, Explained: As you all know that Homecoming is Amazon Prime’s Psychological Thriller . It is based on the podcast of the same name. Debuted in 2018, the show has gained popularity Among viewers. The series was renewed for a second season and premiered on 22 May 2020. The show continues further with its mysterious tone.

Season 1 ends with Audrey out of anxiety taking memory deleting drugs and rubbing it on her wrists. In its second season, the show picks up with the mystery of a woman who has entirely lost her memories. As she starts searching about her past the revelations about it shock her.

Homecoming season 2 Plot

A woman wakes up on a canoe boat with no memory of how she got there. She sees a man on the shore who leaves when she asks for help. She makes her way to shore in a catatonic state and is found by a park ranger. A VA card identifies her as Jackie, a former veteran. but later, she turns out to be a completely different person. It come s to light that her name is Alex, and she might be more of a bad guy than a victim.

At the end of the season the mystery surrounding Alex comes to a close. At first, she refuses to believe that she is the Alex she had been chasing all along. However, when several people address her with the name, she is forced to accept the reality of it. The audience might have some confusion regarding the plot and the ending so let’s simplify it.

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Homecoming season 2 Ending

After Leonard’s failed attempt to warn people about the military’s plan of overtaking the Homecoming program and the berries that are an essential part of it, Bunda takes over the stage. We also find her with a couple of potential clients. She looks ready to expand the prospects of the berry’s use as much as possible, just as she had promised to Audrey. She acknowledges her involvement and talks about the promise that this new venture brings to them.

Then Alex notices Walter, dressed as a caterer. He recognizes her, but because she doesn’t remember him beyond the photograph that Audrey had shown to her only a few minutes ago, she does not react. However, She senses that something is fishy about Walter. Soon enough, she realizes that the drinks being served to everyone are red, just as the juice of the berries. Slowly, people start to fall, and Walter and Leonard watch everything go down from a distance.

What happens to Geist?

The reality of homecoming was familiar with everyone involved with it. Some people like Heidi tried to warn people or try to help the victims. When Leonard Geist learned about how his beloved berries were being used he decided to put a stop to everything and even was firm in destroying the plant. However some people like Ron, Bunda, and Colin discovered the importance of the berries, they knew it would bring them so much money and fortune that they even gave a damn about someone’s life.

Leonard knows that till the point someone knows about what the berries can do there will be a happening chance that a project like a homecoming could be restarted. Then Walter returns and Leonard knows that giving up is not an option and Walter is here for payback. Leonard decides to give that speech because he wants to implore people’s reasoning, hoping that they get the point, and he doesn’t have to go forward with the plan. But, they don’t, and so, Walter comes into the picture.

The inject the berry juice in everyone’s drink. Therefore people who drink start to fall and loses their memory and having no sense at all. All the people who wanted to make fortune with the berries got the same payback. Walter got his revenge on all those people who made him lose his memory. This benefits Leonard as all the people who knew about the berries were at the party and were drugged so no one knew about that anymore and if someone knew they would not think of pursuing it and create another Homeland.

As for people like Audrey and Alex, they have to start afresh and live with the fact that their memory will never return. Leonard Geist has regained the control of his company, and now, he will focus on making soaps, as he had intended to. Walter, on the other hand, is ready to go back into the world. He hasn’t fully regained his memories, and perhaps meeting with the people from his former life would help him. In the last scene, he has a list of the men he had served with. This search could also lead him to Heidi, sparking the hope of a reunion for them.

This was our’s ‘Homecoming season 2 Ending’ What is your explanation of the ending, Are you waiting for another season? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on the digital and web content, stay tuned with us.


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