Netflix’s Control Z Ending, Explained: Season 1 Control Z is a Mexican web television teen drama series created by Carlos Quintanilla and developed by Lemon Studios for Netflix, that premiered on Netflix on 22 May 2020. Like any other teen drama, here also there are designated roles as always, there are jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, goof, misfit, the high school queen, A highschool king, and a new student in the school.

This stereotype has been there since the 80s . The story revolves around Sophia who is a misfit in her environment. As a result Sophia doesn’t interact with anyone and only observes everyone which results in her developing analytical detective skills.

Control Z Season 1 Plot

Everything in the school is going safely when one day an anonymous hacker by using the school’s wifi leaks out personal information about many people to the whole school. Everyone is scared that their details are now public. So Sophia with her new friend Javier decides to dig into the matter and figure out who the culprit is. Along the days of the investigation they are joined by Raul, a rich kid, who himself is a victim of the hacker’s actions. Together they try to solve the mystery.

Who is the culprit?

At the beginning of the show it seems that Luis is the prime suspect and is the hacker. As he was always bullied by Gerry and his minions. But later it is revealed that Luis too, was a victim of the hacker’s actions and was manipulated to confess. The tension between Gerry and Luis grows to a point where Gerry completely loses control and wrecks havoc in the school. As a result, Luis ends up in the hospital.

Meanwhile, later in the show Sophia gets abducted by the hacker and she is able to describe what insides of the hacker’s car looked like, and with that clue the group reaches Bruno, the IT guy. Bruno is seemed to be just working for the main perpetrator and doesn’t know anything. This seems like a dead-end to Sophia until she finds a sticker from Javier’s bag in Bruno’s house. She starts suspecting him.

Soon after this, when Raul and Sophia investigate Javier’s past, they learn that he used to be a bully in his previous school, and because of him, one of his football teammates had killed himself after attempting to jump inside a pool from a balcony. This is the reason why Javier doesn’t play football.

Then in the penultimate episode something different happens the episode is shown for Raul’s perspective and we learn about his past. Raul, who was always amongst the popular kids of his school, started feeling like an outcast when he realized that his friends are all hypocrites. Then after meeting Sophia he started looking the world differently. In one scene if you remember Sophia tells Raul that the world would be a better place if no one had any secrets. This is the moment that inspired Raul to leak everyone’s secret and in doing so he did for himself so that no one would suspect him. Moreover, all the hints that previously led Sophia to Javier were all set up by Raul.

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How did Sophia solve it?

During the investigation, There develops a love triangle between Sophia, Raul, and Javier but after suspecting Javier, Sophia starts dating Raul. Raul seizing the opportunity always is one step ahead of her. At last Sophia starts to feel distant around Raul. It is revealed that when Raul kidnapped her even while wearing a mask he said “Because easy things aren’t worth it.” And the other day he repeats the same line which causes Sophia to connect the dots. Her suspicion was further cemented when she found her stolen bracelet in one of his books and the mask of her abductor under his bed.

Meanwhile at the hospital Luis dies and Gerry wants to take revenge with Raul. Sophia and Javier disclose the secret and solves the case in front of everyone at the NONA party. Raul, to save himself plays everyone’s darkest secret on the projector. In the closing moments of the series, Gerry misfires, and Javier gets shot. The ending of the series just reveals how all Raul’s crime ripples down and destroys everyone’s life. The revelation of secrets did liberate all of them but also brought out the absolute worst in everyone.

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