Narvik (2023) Netflix Shooting & Filming: Narvik is the latest historical military war drama film, which is now streaming on Netflix. This film is directed by Erik Skjoldbaerg and follows the story, which is set in the 1940s.

In this article, I will tell you everything about the location details, when filming began, and more. If you want to watch this film, check out my review and decide whether it is worth watching or not.

Narvik is filming, with the beginning of the photography being in March 2020, to get a look at the location where they are going to shoot, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have halted the shooting. Once the COVID levels decrease in Norway, the proper shooting will begin in June 2020.

Following that, they intend to shoot entirely in Norway in order to make it feel real and connected, where they will shoot in various locations in Norway, such as Drammen, Osla, Narvik, and others, providing a sense of saturation while watching the film.

They have to stop filming for half of the time due to quarantine issues, and there is no snow at that time, so they wait for the winter season so that they can film, which they will do again after a long break in April 2021, whereas they primarily shoot in Narvik as this film is focused there, and they also shoot some scenes in Osla and other locations. Following that, filming was completed in May 2021.

This article contains all of the information about the shooting location, as well as when it began and ended; please let me know in the comments section how much you enjoyed the film.



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