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Narvik Movie (2023) Ending Explained | Netflix

Narvik Movie (2023) Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest historical military war drama film is named Narvik and is directed by Erik Skjoldbjaerg. The story is set in the era of 1940 and mainly focuses on the story of a small town in northern Norway named Narvik and shows the story of a family, including battles, which you see while watching the film.

In this article, I am going to tell you what happened at the end of this film so that it clears up all the doubt regarding the ending of this film, which I cover in this article, and also tell you what happened to Gunnar and Ingrid at the end. This article contains significant spoilers!

When the British army attacks the people of Narvik, we see one bomb fall directly on Ingrid’s house, where Aslak, Ole’s grandfather, and Ole, Ingrid’s son, are at home while she is outside and on her way home.

During the blast, Aslak died, but Ole survived despite suffering a severe injury to the chest that rendered him unconscious. The doctor only treats German soldiers’ cases at the hospital, and for her son’s treatment, she reveals the location, which is top secret to the German soldiers.

Finally, we see that she tells everything about the British consul’s secret and claims that if she hadn’t told her son, he might have died. While people suspect her of being a traitor, she attempts to flee the city with her son, and at the ships, we see Gunnar, who is overjoyed to see her, which is damn emotional.

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This is all about the film’s ending explanation. I hope you like it; besides that, tell me how much you like this film in the comment box.



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