Nanny Dearest Movie Review: I don’t know why Lifetime is focusing on this film, Another newly released thriller drama ‘Nanny Dearest’ is now streaming on Platform, The film is around 90 Minutes long, I just finished the film, and here goes the detailed review of the film.

The film stars Liz Fenning, Cj Hammon, and Kayleigh Ruller in the main lead roles, The Film revolves around Melissa Played by Liz Fenning, Melissa’s Newly born child died due to the negligence of her boyfriend, She then decides to get the authority of ‘Ruby’ who was born with her Eggs with IVF, Although Melissa is Genetic Mom of Ruby, But the biological Parents of Ruby are some other couple, How Melissa is going to get her daughter back and what she is facing? to know this, You need to watch the full movie on Lifetime.

The film is one of the worst films of Lifetime, The film lacks logic from the beginning itself, There is a sequence where Melissa stoles the Data from the Hospital, You are going to laugh at that sequence for sure, She enters an Emergency Hospital Just by breaking the Glass and there was no Security Guard or CCTV Camera to stop her! Are You Kidding Me? There are many sequences and many loopholes in the film and the film never makes sense.

Liz Fenning tried her best to save the film with her decent performance, but again the Plot is so weak that there was no spark in her performance, The same goes with Cj Hammon, and Kayleigh Ruller acting in the film, The locations were decent and the music of the film is below average.

Rating: 1/5

I am going with 1 Out of 5 stars for the movie, The film is one of the worst and Poorly made thrillers from ‘lifetime’, Stay away from it, You may some other thrillers available on Netflix, Prime Video, and other OTTs.

This was ours Nanny Dearest Movie Review, which was released back on Lifetime, what do you think about the film? Please let us know in the comments.



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