Teresa In “Samuel Spades” Actress Name: AMC presented a six-episodic detective thriller drama with the popular character Samuel Spades. Samuel comes to a village to deliver a girl to her father, but the situation there makes him settle there till the issues get resolved.

Teresa is a teenage girl who lost her mother, lives in an orphanage. Teresa is played by Cara Bossom who is an Anglo-French actress who marked her presence in her role in the Deep State series. She presented Teresa in a perfect way. Teresa looked very gloomy at starting then when she got near to her maturity she began to show her charming attitude.

Teresa’s mother died due to illness. Before her mother died her, her mother requested her friend Samuel Spade to deliver her daughter Teresa to hwr father. When Samuel came to deliver Teresa she was a kid. She never spoke to him much when she came with him. But after knowing about her father’s real face Samuel decided to put her on an orphanage. At the orphanage, she looked dull and sad most times, not friendly with anyone. Samuel meets her and provides her costs each time, yet she was not talkative.

She was bored out at the orphanage. Teresa smokes in her age, she is addicted to smoking. Even though the orphanage won’t allow it she goes to chapel and do the smoking. Even going to chapel is banned in an orphanage but she breaks it and goes there each time.

Teresa’s mother put a big amount of trust fund on her which she can use only when she gets mature. Teresa’s father stole many antiques back, the money was from it but her mother knows about her husband is bad guy so she put on her daughter’s name.

Teresa lies to Samuel about her father. She at times changes the truth when Samuel asks. After the incident, she was at Samuel’s home. She like trying new outfits as in the orphanage she never had a chance see her in good dress. Teresa like to drink alcohol from Samuel’s home.

Even though Samuel warns her she still keeps doing smoking and drinking. She still don’t what her mother and father did back then, how her mother had this much money. Teresa tells Samuel that she will stay in Samuel’s home as she doesn’t like the orphanage. And tells she will leave this village when gets mature and when she gets her trust funds. Teresa wants a life as Freebird without issues and live like whatever she likes.

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