Monique Olivier Today?: Michel Fourniret was a serial Killer Who was convicted Of eight Murders. He Came Into Highlight Of Police When He Murdered 20-Year-Old Joanna Parrish. The Recently Released Netflix Crime Documentary Series Titled “Monique Oliver: Accessory To Evil” Follow The Story Of The One Of The Most Serial Killer In France Named Michel Fourniret. He Was Arrested In the Year 2003.

As We Told You He Was Charged For Eight Murders In That Seven Of Them Were Young Girls And Women In The Time Period From 1987 To 2003 He Used To Rape Them And After That, He Murdered All Of Them.

But This Netflix Show Didn’t Focus Much On Michel But More Focused On His Partner Monique Oliver They Both Of Them Into The Life Of Crime. The Documentary Series Has 5 Episodes Available To Watch On Netflix.

This Show Is Extremely Disturbing We Suggest You Don’t Watch It With Your Families.

Who Are Monique Oliver And Michel Fournier?

Michel And Monique Weren’t Different From Other Couples They Were Depressed In Reality. Michel Was A Pervert And Also A Pedophile .they both have hidden From Each Other Both Were Serial Killers. Monique Was Not So Different From Michel While Investigation Of The House Guns And Other Illegal Things Were Founded By Police At Their House.

Following The Investigation From 2003 To 2008 After The Court Trial Michel Fourniret Confessed He Killed 8 Girls Out Of Them He Was Only Charged For 7. He Died In the Year 2021 In Prison While Serving His Life Imprisonment.

The Lawyer Of Monique Oliver Always Wanted To Draw The Case Monique Oliver Got Life Imprisonment She Also Misled The Police For Saying She Knows Where Are The bodies But She Didn’t Tell Them Anything. When she’ll turn 84 Years old She Can Apply For Parole It Means In the Year 2032, For Now, She’s Serving Her Life As A Prisoner.



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