Modern Love Chennai Episode 5 Cast: There are a total of 6 Episodes in the Amazon Prime Video original series Modern Love Chennai. Episode 5 of the show was loved by the audiences and many were looking for the Real Name of the characters. Here goes the details about the same.

The Episode 5 is titled as”Gazelles that Live in a Bird’s Nest” and is a love story about a married guy and how his wife accepts their relationship.


The character Rohini is played by Vijayalakshmi Ahathian. She is a middle-aged woman who suffers from loneliness. After she meets Ravi, her life changes, and soon she marries him and starts a family. She has done movies like “Anjathe” (2008), “Pandigai” (2017), etc.


In the series, the character Revathi is played by Ramya Nambeeshan. She is Ravi’s wife but accepts her husband’s relationship with another woman. She understands Rohini’s silence and gives her a beautiful life. She has done movies like “Sethupathi” (2016), “Pizza” (2012), etc.


In the series, the character Ravi is played by Kishore Kumar G. He is a middle-aged gentleman with 2 sons. One day, he meets Rohini in a metro and falls in love with her. After his wife accepts their relationship, they start a beautiful life together. Kishore Kumar G. has done movies like “Kantara” (2022), “And Goli Soda” (2014), and has also acted in series like “The Family Man” and “SHE”.

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